Before Aarav Infotech's SEO service, Fun N Learn team was practicing in-house SEO which didn't turn out to be result oriented. 

We developed a comprehensive content restructuring strategy to assist in ranking local city using a variety of SEO technique. We started by identifying keywords and assigning the keywords to specific pages in the site. We made changes in header & sidebar of the website and added CTA's from a conversion point of view. The titles and descriptions of all the pages were written as per keywords researched and relevance to the page being optimized. 

This client is extremely pleased with the results of the campaign. They have achieved TOP 10 rankings for the 3 most important keywords (ukg worksheets, lkg worksheets, nursery worksheets) and their overall rankings statistics have more than tripled.

Keyword Rankings Achieved

Sr. # SEO Project URL Keyword Position Search Page Search Ingine Location/Country Copy Google Search URL
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2 lkg worksheets 2 1st Page India
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8 free worksheet for lkg 5 1st Page India
9 nursery worksheets 6 1st Page India
10 worksheets for nursery 7 1st Page India
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12 worksheet for nursery class 8 1st Page India
13 worksheets for nursery students 8 1st Page India
14 free worksheets for lkg 8 1st Page India
15 class nursery worksheet 9 1st Page India
16 activity sheet for lkg 9 1st Page India
17 sleeping lines for nursery 9 1st Page India
18 activity worksheets for nursery class 9 1st Page India