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Website Maintenance Services: Making your website 100% Secure, Fast Loading, and High Performing.

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Aarav Infotech is a web designing and web maintenance agency based in Mumbai, India. We deliver our services cost-effectively within time constraints.  We aim to keep your website secure and up-to-date so that your website would not be a challenge for your business growth. Our in-house-developed platform makes us achieve our aim with an easy-to-opt process. Let our in-house experts help you with handling your day-to-day website change requests and issues related to content management, eCommerce, Hosting & Email, SSL certificates, Loading issues, etc. Being a Platform Independent Website Maintenance Provider, we do serve a wide range of platforms like WordPress, Magento, CodeIgniter, OpenCart, WooCommerce, CakePHP, etc.

Our website maintenance programs or website AMC ensure that your website is always updated and secured. We include all kinds of website maintenance and support services you require to ensure both the short and long-term success of your online marketing.

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The quality of our work is always at the highest level, which is why we are confident in the services we offer as uniquely beneficial for your website. However, our clients have the right to end their subscription to our services at any time. We offer a 100% No Questions Asked refund for our professional services during the first month of business.

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The 6 Pillars of Our

Website Maintenance Program

All you need to keep your website 100% Secure and updated

Performance checkup

Performance Checkup

Our intensive maintenance checklist ensures your website performs at the best. All the performance monitoring activities are scheduled trough our automated CRM system. Through our CRM System, you will get a detailed monthly report too.

Bug fixing and Enhancements

Fixes and Enhancements

To make your website bug free, we do regular website health checkups and improvements. Our team takes care of any issue arises through third-party plugins or by the core itself. Your issue would be resolved at the highest priority.

Content and backup

Content and Backup

The advantage of our maintenance program is that you can add, edit and update content as and when needed. We take a full backup prior to any major update. If it is needed, the backup can be on-demand by the client.

Checking and updating

Functionality Check

We check whether all forms are working properly and whether inquiry mails are getting received. We also check for any broken link on the website and rectify it. Broken links are a bad sign for SEO, hence it helps to keep your SEO health score high.

Tech Support

Tech Support

Our technical support team will constantly update you via our auto ticket management system. Also, our support team connects through call or email as required. Trough all the medium, we ensure that the majority of tickets gets resolved in 24-48 hours.

hacking malware virus protection

Hack & Virus Proof

Our Security implementations prevent and protect from hacking, malware, and viruses. In any disgraced situation of hack or malware, our team takes it on most priority to resolve the issue. And we'll keep in sync with you unless it is 100% hack free.

The Freshness Factors For A Successfully Website Maintenance

Fresh Content Leads To High Ranking Priority

The website with a higher update frequency has a higher possibility of ranking on Major Search Engines (i.e.,, because search engines prefer fresh and updated websites to index. Hence the priority of ranking gets higher compared to your competitors.

Up-to-date Content Creates a Good Influence

We update your website every now & then so that it attracts visitors to re-visit your website. We create the right up-to-date impression of your business & website which ensures a good influence on the organization. 

Increased Traffic + Increased Trust = Increased Conversion

Due to frequently updated content, traffic comes from search engines, and also repeated visitors get increased. The updated website communicates with the target audiences and will help you convert your visitors into leads.


Predefined Website Maintenance Process

Website Maintenance ProcessAarav Infotech has a predefined process and a team of technical experts to work on your maintenance projects. Our CRM Ticket system helps here a lot. Also, it gives you a way to communicate with the tech team directly.

  • Initiate: Our technical team initiates a maintenance project through the CRM system. Post initiation we do all the one-time necessary activities to ensure the newly initiated project is fully protected. It includes a full backup of your website too.
  • Protect: Through the program, we ensure that the website codes, database, and credentials are fully secured and maintained. To achieve this we used several technologies that are tested and have been used by us for a long time. The security implementations we do on your website are highly proven.
  • Support: Our Website Care team is there to support you with any technical difficulties with the website's performance.
  • Update: In this phase, our team does all the required updations to the website requested by you. We ensure it gets done in 24-48 hours or less. Apart from your request, we do all the periodic updates as proposed.
  • Report: We believe in keeping complete transparency and we provide up-to-date Monthly / Quarterly Website Traffic reports and Monthly / Quarterly Activity reports of our work on your website which will help you understand your site's performance. The frequency is as per the scope of work defined.


Tips For Frequently Updating/Maintaining Websites

With Aarav Infotech, you don't need to worry about maintaining your website. We will do it for you.

WordPress Blog Maintenance

If you have a blog section on your website, don't worry, our program will cover it too. Our technical team will help you keep posting the latest articles and blogs as and when requested.

Content Optimization

Whether it's a small or a major content update request, our website maintenance program covers full content updates. Also, you can optimize content for any digital marketing purpose.

Latest News & Events Update

If you frequently update News & Events on your website then our maintenance plan is the best suited for you. Updation of News & Events makes your visitors more engaged and updated about what's happening.

Image Optimization

Homepage banners, updating image galleries, event galleries, updating product photos, etc. are included in the Web Maintenance service. By default as in the process, we do optimize images before upload.


The Competitive Advantages Of Maintaining Your Website With Us.

We maintain your website while you focus on your business.

  1. Security Optimization: We provide a full and updated service of security optimization, Google ReCaptcha Integration, Google Analytics Integration, Full Backup, WordPress Update, Plugin Updates, and much more.
  2. Support System: We have enabled various ways to raise a support ticket, directly at our website support link, by our mobile app, or by just dropping an email at the support email id. Apart from all of this you can also contact our support team.
  3. Activity Reports: Our website maintenance activity report includes detailed inspection data with screenshots. Along with technical advice from the Technical Inspector, with an easy to understand of technical terms.
  4. Inspection Checklists: Our Web Maintenance program has a well-defined and wide inspection checklist. It includes preventive checks like security plugin implementation, captcha integration, etc, performance checks i.e speed test, broken link check, form processing check, etc.
  5. Process Automation: Aarav Infotech has a well-developed process automation system that ensures the activities are done as scheduled and reported transparently to the clients.
  6. Mobile App & Ticket Panel: Through our Mobile Apps, you can manage your tickets on your mobile itself and communicate with the technical person directly. You can attach files, reply to a ticket, and check responses with ease of time and convenience.


Industries And Technology That Are Cover In Our Regular Maintenance Plans

eCommerce - We have our team of ace professionals working for many well-known e-Commerce websites.

Corporates - Our standard procedure and protocols ensure ease in maintaining corporate websites.

NGO, Social Organization Websites - Our Web Maintenance program also undertakes many NGOs, Social organizations, Community Websites, etc. with a special discount applied.

News Group & Blog Maintenance - Whether it's a small blogger website or a big news portal, we do maintain any scale of news websites.

Websites of Schools, Colleges, and Institutes - We are specialized in maintaining websites for institutes our many websites are hitting the top-notch of SERP.

Healthcare & Hospitality - We have extensive expertise in managing and maintaining Healthcare & Hospitality websites with ease and efficiency.


Impress Your Visitors With An Updated & Fast Loading Website

Get immense benefits and features with our website maintenance services.

Taking 100% Care of Your Website

Lets take your website performance to next level

From this...

To this...

  • From...Feeling Helpless
    To... Hand-Hold Support
  • From... Slow for visitors to load and browse
    To... Blazingly-fast WordPress website
  • From... Multiple security breaches and warnings
    To... Fully secured, monitored, and backed up website
  • From... Missing performance upgrades and features
    To... Theme, plugins, and core software are always updated
  • From... Declining website traffic
    To... Month-on-month website improvements
  • From... Unresponsive and buggy website
    To... Mobile-friendly and optimized website
  • From... Inexperienced WordPress developers
    To... Expert WordPress development assistance
  • From... Missing Domain & SSL Certificate Renewal
    To... Always Active and Renewed
  • From... Missed to take regularly updated backup
    To... Always have a Safe and Recoverable Backup

Want this peace of mind for one of your business's most important assets?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Website Maintenance Service.

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Why my website needs regular maintenance?
Regularly updating your website with fresh content will prevent your website from hacking as well as help you gain good traffic.
How can I get started with your website maintenance services?
Place your details in our Get Quote form. Our representative will share a detailed proposal post reviewing the project. Once you accept the proposal, we can start maintaining your website.
What is covered with your website maintenance services?
Our Website Maintenance services cover areas such as updating appearance and content, Plugin Updates, Database Optimization, Check all inquiry form, Bugs And error removal, etc.
Is my data secured?
Absolutely! We will take care of your data.
How much changes I can give?
Depending upon the plan you choose, you can provide changes ranging from twice to ten times in a month.
How long it takes to complete a maintenance request?
We assure that each of our tickets gets closed in 24-48 hours. However the TAT may increase in case of a major change request.
What is monthly cost of website maintenance?
Depending on your platform and the complexity of the project, the maintenance cost varies. However, it starts from INR 1000/ month.
What are the payment flexibilities you provide?
We do provide subscription-based monthly, quarterly and annually payment modes.
How can I raise a support request?
Drop us an email or submit your query at our support link/ mobile app. It will create a ticket, which will be followed until closed by our support team.
How Frequent can I communicate with your team?
Our support team is available on phone and email.

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Our Website Maintenance Services Are Applicable to

A Wide Range of Platforms and Technologies

To ensure that you receive the most reliable maintenance solution, we offer services on the most widely used website platforms and technologies. We offer website maintenance services for some of the most well-known website platforms, like the following:

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  • Gem & Jewellery National Relief Foundation
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