Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance? The Ultimate Guide

Get to know the complete knowledge of Website Maintenance Starting from the Definition to the ROI.

What is Website Maintenance?

The Basics of Website Maintenance and Management

Every website needs maintenance. If you do not maintain your website it will be out of order just like a car. A car needs servicing from time to time and so does a website. Website maintenance is the task of keeping your website up-to-date and its performance flawless. Website maintenance is not a one-time task. It has to be done regularly to make the website more productive. The Complete Guide to Website Maintenance

Your website exhibits the face of your business. The online presence of your website is represented by your website. The details of your company, the testimonials, the products, and the contact information are all there and people come looking for them. You can lose leads and sales if you have a dysfunctional website. Your first impression of your customers will go very wrong which is not beneficial for your business especially if it is an eCommerce website because people can not make transactions with a defective website.

A lot of money, time, and energy is invested in building a website. All of it will become useless if the website is not maintained properly and starts malfunctioning. A regularly maintained website can provide advantages like SEO boost, traffic growth, and better ranking in search engines. It is equally necessary for both large and small-scale businesses to maintain their websites. Many companies, mostly startups, avoid it just to save money, which costs them, even more, when their websites break down because they need to build their websites from scratch.

It does not show on the surface but with regular monitoring of your website, you will know what kind of maintenance it needs and when. Website maintenance also includes security updates and new content that can help you retain your old customers and grab the attention of new customers. Any website that has grammatical errors, technical glitches, or unwelcoming background and graphics will not give a good user experience. With website maintenance you can get rid of these. Websites with malware and bugs are not appreciated by Google which is why it takes them down.

You will get to know more about website maintenance, its requirement, and what it does to your website as you read this blog further. You can also visit our website to get free content every week on website maintenance and services. The ideas you gather will help you understand your website better. The price for the services can also be found there.

Let’s thoroughly Understand

Website Maintenance

We all know that our websites need maintenance and we’re familiar with the concept of site maintenance, but we don’t really understand exactly what it is. We know that it needs to be done in order for our sites to run properly, but we don’t really understand how or why. This problem is holding us back from getting ahead of the competition, growing our businesses, and from securing new customers. Here are the 5 questions that will help to understand website maintenance better. 

Features of Maintenance

What Does Website Maintenance Include?

Different service providers include various services in their maintenance plans for websites. They also provide additional services to those who require them. In general, website maintenance entails checking the website's functionality, adjusting security flaws, updating content and graphics, updating software, etc. It is advised to seek professional assistance because some maintenance tasks require technical know-how. Professional services also keep backups, so they are prepared for situations where the website crashes during an update. The list below includes a few of the services that are typically provided as part of website maintenance.


Complete Website Check-Up

Your website is examined in its entirety to identify any flaws. To guarantee the website's functionality, this procedure is repeated after updates. These errors can include out-of-date or incorrect content, broken links, and malfunctioning features. The forms and checkouts on your website will function properly once these errors have been fixed. The usability of your website is also tested.


Software updates

Before being implemented in production, updates are tested on the staging site. Updates for important software, such as the CRM on your website, should be checked. Themes and plugins for CRMs like WordPress are maintained.


Browser Compatibility Test

Your website should work with both the widely used and some of the less popular browsers. If your website is incompatible, website maintenance will help you attract more visitors from different browsers.


Website Backup

The majority of website maintenance services offer automatic backups if you've signed up for them. Additionally, you can manually back up your website and keep it in a distant location. If something goes wrong, it will save time and money, thus it is essential. Backups enable the website to be restored at any moment. In this approach, in the event of a problem, your website won't be forced to go offline. You should perform these backups either weekly or monthly depending on your preferences and needs.


Key Metrics Analysis

The major performance indicators of your website can be examined using programs like Google Analytics. Check the KPIs to determine whether your goals are being met (Key Performance Indicators). The purpose of updates and maintenance is to improve your website's functionality.


Security Check

Your website's security could be threatened by spam and bugs. Your website gets inspected for security flaws and has bugs resolved before any updates are made. Some website maintenance programs do daily scans to prevent spammers and hackers from gaining access.


Speed Check

The speed at which your website loads is a crucial determinant of whether visitors will stick around or depart. They usually depart if it takes longer than a few seconds. You may test your website's speed using tools like Google PageSpeed Insight. The speed at which your website loads is increased via website maintenance.


Content Update

To eliminate the redundant content on your website, you can do it yourself. More visitors are attracted by new material. Maintenance service providers typically comply with your requests and preferences if you ask them to.


24×7×365 Monitoring

The website maintenance team continuously monitors the uptime of your website. They receive a notification whenever the website is unavailable for any reason. They address the problem as quickly as they can to prevent website outage and spare you significant costs. Additionally, you receive the uptime monitoring report at the end of each month.

Steps for

Website Maintenance

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WordPress Maintenance Packages

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Different Types of

Website Maintenance

Know about the different types of maintenance for diverse technologies and platforms.


WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance refers to a series of tasks performed by those with knowledge of the WordPress platform. This can include a variety of tasks, with the most basic being installation and configuration.


WooCommerce Maintenance

WooCommerce maintenance is a way to ensure that your WooCommerce store is running smoothly and that it is safe to use. Basically, it's a way for you to be sure that the issues, problems and bugs have been dealt with and fixed.

Blog Maintenance

Blog Maintenance

Blog Maintenance is the process of keeping a blog up to date and running smoothly. It is referred to as the process of keeping your blog updated in a systematic manner.

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Why is Website Maintenance Important?

  • The Majority of Customers Conduct Online Search: Quote on Website MaintenanceNowadays everyone searches for everything online. 87% of people conduct online research before buying a product. That is a huge number and an equally great opportunity for you to be found out by people and to leave an impression on them. While searching for products or services related to your business and finding your website, their experience with your website should be good. If your website does not attract the attention of your visitors then they will go to your competitor's website and you will lose valuable leads. So your online presence is the backbone of your business growth.


  • Your Website is the First Impression on Your Customers: Your website shows how professional you are. The visitors that come to your website can be potential customers if their experience with your website is impressive. If that goes wrong they will not visit your website again. They will rather do business with someone else with a professional website. The perfection of your website tells how seriously you take your business. Customers may lose interest in your website due to grammatical or typing errors and irrelevant content. It is necessary to keep the interest of your customers in mind. Website maintenance comes with security and software updates that increase the speed of your website and provide new features that can lure customers to your website.
  • The Sales Growth Depends on Your Website: Your website takes the charge of directing your visitors to purchase your products and services. This ensures that your sales grow. For an eCommerce website, the transactions are an important part. If your website does not function properly the transactions will be unsuccessful and you will lose valuable customers. If you want to do serious business you must have a well-functioning website.
  • Visitors Judge the User Experience: 89% of customers prefer to do business with your competitors due to the bad user experience of your website. The better the user experience of your website the more customers you can retain. The sales of your business depend on the user experience. People will be willing to do business with you when the user experience of your website is impressive. If it takes more than a few seconds to load your website then the visitors will not stay and the bounce rate will increase.
  • Improved Security is a Part of Website Maintenance Plan: Bugs, hackers, and cyberattacks can cost you a fortune if you do not get rid of them in time. They are threats to the security of your website. They can sometimes crash your whole website and you will have to build the website again. The investment you would have made to build the website will all be futile. Around $15.4 million are spent by U.S. companies per year to tackle cyber attacks. There is a lot of sensitive information about your customers on your website that should remain private. If your website is not secure that information will also be jeopardized. You will end up losing the trust of your customers and your website may face downtime.


  • Website Maintenance Supports Your SEO Strategy: The bounce rate of your website should be low for it to have a good ranking in the search engines. If the customers leave your website within a few seconds of arriving then the bounce rate will increase which will be bad for your Google ranking. The traffic to your website will decrease eventually. The other defects that hamper your search engine rankings are outdated website design, structure, content, security or technical issues, etc. Your website must always appear updated because an outdated website can not rank well in search engines.

How much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

Website Maintenance CostThe maintenance cost depends entirely on the type of website you have. The services you need are also a big part of the cost. Before hiring professionals to do the maintenance you must first see the services they provide and their cost. Three factors decide the price, they are- personnel cost, hosting cost, and tool cost. 

Different types of websites and their costs are as follows:

  1. Small Blog Website Maintenance: These personal websites have low maintenance costs ranging from $99 to $299 per month. It can also be done free of charge with the help of blogging sites like Google Blogger. These websites do not have big traffic and have lesser needs. You can do it yourself where you only need to pay monthly for hosting service and domain name renewal with the help of platforms like WordPress.
  2. Small Businesses Website Maintenance: Around $110 is the maintenance cost of small business websites per month. These websites need repeated maintenance, backups, updates, and marketing which is why the cost is a bit more. Customized services are the need of these websites.
  3. Corporate Website Maintenance:  A maintenance cost of $200 to $999 is required for corporate websites every month. If it is used only for marketing then the price can be low. With regular backups and updates, these websites can be easily maintained. It is advisable to do this with professional help. It makes your business hassle-free and you can take care of the other important tasks.
  4. eCommerce Website Maintenance: The cost for an eCommerce website can be $199 to $999 per month. This costs more because there is so much content, customer information, and code customization. Regular maintenance should be done cautiously and preferably by professionals as it needs technical support. Web maintenance packages and services are a great solution for eCommerce websites.

Additional charges can be there for different services that require the website to keep running. They are:

  1. Domain Name Renewal: For the creation of a website, a domain name is necessarily purchased. It is the address of your website. If you do not want someone else to buy your domain name you must make regular payments. These payments can be both monthly and yearly. The general cost of domain names is $3 to $5 per month and $9 to $14.99 per year. 
  2. Website Hosting: There are many options to host your website. You can both take the help of a hosting service and do it yourself. It would cost $70 to $190 with Wix or WordPress. An economic option is a shared host where your website shares the server with many other websites. The cost is $25 to $120 per year. If you want to own a server only for yourself then it can cost between $1200 and $24,000 every year. It is called a dedicated server. One more option is the VPS (Virtual Private Server). Here you share the server with other websites but with the benefit of having a dedicated amount of server space that is provided by the provider by dividing the server into many VPSs. 
  3. SSL Certificate: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This certificate ensures the security of your website. Without any threat, your website can transport and collect sensitive data. With hosting services this certificate can be accessed free of cost otherwise you need to pay for it. The higher encryption rate that comes as an advantage with an SSL certificate is advantageous for your business. A website having an active SSL certificate has HTTPS in its URL instead of HTTP. It also has a padlock symbol before the URL. The cost of an SSL certificate can be $2 to $25 per month and $25 to $300 per year. These payments are necessary to keep your website safe


Website Maintenance Advantages: ROI of Maintaining Your Website

Website Maintenance ROITo save money, some people do not even think of investing in website maintenance. With this approach, you will end up with damages that will cost you even more and you will not be able to undo these damages. Compared to the expenditure to recover your website, website maintenance costs lesser and is worth it. It would rather improve your ROI. Some of the advantages of website maintenance are:

Better Website Performance:
With website maintenance, your website will perform better than usual. Better performance will bring more traffic to your website and help the growth of your business. Visitors do not stay on sites that take more than a few seconds to load. According to data, if it takes more than three seconds to load then the bounce rate increases to 32%. This can be prevented by taking help from professionals who know website maintenance like the back of their hands.

Higher Rank:
Website maintenance comes with better security for your website. For your investment in website maintenance, you get an SSL certificate and HTTPS for your website. These factors improve the rank of your website in search engines as a result of being a secure website. 

Lower Website Downtime: 
With better security, timely plugin updates, and regular website backups the chance of your website going down reduces. The more downtime the more revenue you will lose. You will also lose traffic and eventually essential customers. Instead of taking all these risks reap benefits like 24/7 uptime monitoring and 99.9% website uptime with website maintenance. 

Beat Competitors:
Upgrade your website with new and updated content to keep your visitors engaged. This way your website will come to the minds of the visitors whenever they want to learn something new and the traffic will increase. Search engines give preference to websites with updated content which is a great benefit of website maintenance. 

Save Time:
Professionals take lesser time to do website maintenance as they have expertise in this area. Both the time and the workforce used for website maintenance are saved this way. This time can be utilized to perform other important tasks. Outsourcing website maintenance is a better option than employing people for individual updates or services as it saves money. You get a good ROI by spending less money. 

What Does Website Maintenance Include?

Different providers include different services in their website maintenance packages. Apart from that they give added services to people who need them. Website maintenance, in general, includes checking the functionality of the website, tweaking security issues, updating content and graphics, updating software, etc. It is recommended to take the help of professionals because some maintenance tasks need technical expertise. Professional services also know how to handle a situation when the website crashes during an update because they keep backups. Some of the services that are usually included in website maintenance are given below.

  • Complete Website Check-Up:  Your whole website is tested to find the faults in it. This process is repeated after updates as well to ensure the functionality of the website. These faults can be outdated or wrong content, broken links, and features that do not work. These faults are corrected so that the forms and checkouts on your website work properly. The usability of your website is also tested.
  • Software Updates: Updates are tested on the staging site before applying them to production. Critical software like the CRM of your website should be checked for updates. For CRMs like WordPress themes and plugins are monitored and maintained.
  • Browser Compatibility Test: Your website should be compatible with the commonly used browsers and also some of the less used browsers. Website maintenance helps your website if it is incompatible so that more customers can reach out to you from different browsers.
  • Website Backup: If you have subscribed to a website maintenance service, they usually have automatic backups. You can also back up your website manually but store it in a remote location. It is necessary because it saves time and money if anything goes wrong. The website can be restored anytime with the help of backups. This way your website does not have to face any downtime in case of any trouble. These backups should be done either weekly or monthly according to your preference and need.
  • Key Metrics Analysis: Tools like Google Analytics can be used to analyze the key metrics of your website. To see whether your targets are being achieved or not check the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Updates and maintenance are supposed to strengthen the performance of your website.
  • Security Check: There can be spam and bugs in your website that threatens its security. Before doing any updates the security standard of your website is checked and the bugs are fixed. Some web maintenance packages do daily scanning to deny the entries of spammers and hackers.
  • Speed Check: The loading speed of your website is a very important factor that decides whether your visitors will stay or leave your website. If it takes more than a few seconds they tend to leave. Tools like Google PageSpeed Insight can be used to check the speed of your website. Website maintenance speeds up the loading time of your website.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a major part of website maintenance. SEO aims to lift the rank of your website in search engines. Proper keywords are used in the content of your website to make it more visible.
  • Content Update: You can do it yourself to get rid of the redundancy of the content on your website. Fresh content attracts more visitors. Maintenance service providers usually do it if you request them to and as per your preference.
  • Domain and Hosting Management: These technicalities are a bit tricky but with web, maintenance plans you can get industry-recognized security and cutting-edge hosting services. This affects the uptime of your website in a good way.
  • Regular Reporting: Web maintenance services provide reports every month usually. Detailed reports on what has been done to your website for maintenance are given by the provider. Google Analytics report of site traffic details and page views is also provided to you for you to analyze the performance of your website. 
  • 24×7×365 Monitoring: The website maintenance team keeps track of the uptime of your website all the time. Whenever the website goes down for any reason they get an alert. They resolve the issue as soon as they can to eliminate the downtime of the website to save you from huge losses. At the end of every month, you also get the uptime monitoring report.
  • Feature Upgradation: Website maintenance service providers incorporate new features into websites as per clients’ requests. They also integrate the new features that come to the market to keep you ahead of your competitors.


What Is Not Included in Website Maintenance Service?

Website maintenance does not mean taking care of everything regarding your website. You must know what is not included in website maintenance so that you can update your website accordingly. Some of the tasks that are generally not included in website maintenance are:

  • Media Editing
  • Media Creation
  • Content Writing
  • Website Redesign
  • Navigation Redesign
  • SEO Services
  • Interactive Features
  • New Site functionality


How to Choose the Right Website Maintenance Company for Your Business?

You must first examine the compatibility of the website maintenance company with your expectations. There are some factors that you should take into consideration before choosing the company. They are- services offered by the company, the pricing, reputation of the company, years of experience, etc.

The Services Offered by the Company
It is important to find out whether the company you want to work with offers the services you are looking for or not. If they do not match hiring them will be a complete waste of time and money. You should first list out all the services you need for your website and then tally them with the services offered by the company. If not this you can also check whether the company offers the basic services that any good company does. These basic services comprise:

  1. Make sure there are no broken links.
  2. Providing plugin and software updates.
  3. Enhancing the loading speed of the website.
  4. Updating the images and graphics.
  5. Correcting 404 errors.
  6. Making the website mobile-friendly.
  7. Doing security scan analysis.
  8. Changing layouts, templates, and themes.
  9. Updating the website design.
  10. Updating content.
  11. Posting blogs.
  12. Renewing the domain.
  13. Hosting the website.

Do the Services Come Within Your Budget?
You must set a budget for the services you want. This budget should consider all the aspects that decide the price offered by the company. You should first ask yourself some questions. What is the size of your company? How complex and functional is your company website? Does the maintenance cost of the service provider match your budget? Small-scale industries require simple maintenance services whereas large-scale industries need complex maintenance. These prices vary from company to company. So you should see which one suits your requirements the best.

The reputation of the Company
You should always work with companies that have a good name in the market. Browse that company’s website to do the background research. There you should check the client reviews and testimonials to know about the experience and level of satisfaction of the people who have already worked with them. You can also know about the professionalism of the company from the website. Grammatical errors and inconsistencies are not signs of professionalism. Look for the company on social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to know about customer reviews.

Years of experience in the Company 
You should always check how many years has the company been working in the concerned field. The more the experience the better will be the performance. The team working on your project should have professional and experienced employees. They must have worked on other projects. Before accepting them ask all the questions you have in your mind to be clear about their efficiency and performance. Keep in touch with them for regular updates.

How to Choose the Right Maintenance Plan

Make website maintenance an essential part of your business strategy if you want to grow. You must choose the right plan otherwise website maintenance can create complications for you instead of solving your problems. These plans differ from provider to provider. Check the packages of your service provider before taking any decision. This decision should be based on answers to some questions:

What is the frequency of changes required to your website?
The plan you choose must be in sync with the requirements of change requests your website needs. See which plan of your provider matches the best with the number of change requests you will be needing. This way you can save money as the change requests will be included in the plan itself and you do not have to pay anything extra, apart from the cost of the plan you have chosen. 

What is the type of website you own?
You must first define the type of your website. There are various types of websites like eCommerce, educational, business/corporate, social media, portfolio, etc. eCommerce websites need more maintenance than the other types of websites. Find an inclusive plan with detailed services that suit the needs of your website the best.

What is the framework of your website?
If your website is developed using any specialized framework or CMS then you should find a plan that deals with it. Your provider should have experts who have expertise in your framework. Professionals with knowledge about the technicalities of your framework should tackle its maintenance.

Do you need any customization?
If you have customized requests that are specific to your website then you should go for a plan that deals with them. Customized requests can be frequent product uploads, weekly content uploads, weekly listing uploads, etc. 

You should always discuss this with your service provider before finalizing your plan. It clarifies to you whether your needs can be catered to or not. The plans should also consider various intermediate maintenance activities:

Weekly Maintenance Activities

  • Plugin and software updates.
  • Inquiry form process checking
  • Website backup and storage
  • 404 error correction
  • Checking and fixing broken links
  • Blog posting
  • Removing spam comments from pages and posts

Monthly Maintenance Activities

  • Performance analysis
  • Load speed optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Review of security scans
  • Website security optimization
  • Website backup and storage
  • Online customer support
  • Turnaround time
  • Checking and fixing broken links
  • Website speed optimization
  • Database optimization
  • Inquiry form process checking
  • Website statistics analysis
  • Blog posting

Quarterly Maintenance Activities 

  • Website’s responsive design testing
  • Inquiry form process checking
  • Reviewing meta descriptions regarding SEO
  • Website auditing and optimization
  • Reviewing and optimizing internet marketing and SEO strategy
  • Review of website design and structure
  • Graphics and image optimization
  • Review of workload automation
  • Website’s browser compatibility check
  • Website backup health check

Annual Maintenance Activities

  • Domain name renewal
  • Content update
  • Content optimization
  • Website design optimization


Why is Aarav Infotech the Right Choice for Your Website?

We have a team of professionals who exclusively work on maintenance services. We are easy to work with and provide reports regularly. Some of the services we provide are:
  1. CRM for Maintenance Life CycleIndia's Systemized Website Maintenance Program for the World
  2. Ticket Management System
  3. Android and IOS App
  4. 20+ Monthly Preventive Tasks
  5. Remote Cloud Backup & Restore
  6. Detailed Reporting System
  7. Easy-to-Use Customer Area
  8. 4+ Ways to Raise a Ticket
  9. 24×7 Website Uptime Monitoring
  10. Domain Expiry Monitoring and Alert
  11. SSL Certificate Expiry Monitoring
  12. Advanced Performance Monitoring
  13. Onboarding Health Check-up
  14. Dedicated Maintenance Team
  15. Unlimited Standard Support
  16. No Hours LImit
  17. Defined Process in Place
  18. 5+ Type of Details Monthly Reports


Learn about Website Maintenance with Aarav Infotech

The reputation of your business is represented by your website. Therefore it is beneficial to have a smoothly functioning and error-free website. You can maintain your website yourself but it involves a lot of tasks. If you hire a Website Maintenance Service provider then they will handle all those tasks for you and you can work worry-free. One such provider is India’s first systemized website maintenance company, Aarav Infotech. Website maintenance is our niche. We have various website maintenance packages and all of them are budget-friendly. 

We are the one-stop solution for website maintenance with customized packages that offer services like updates, security fixes, domain and hosting services, theme customization, website optimization, and many more. You can study your performance with the performance report on your website that we provide. None of the information on your website will be lost as we take regular backups. 

We also have packages based on the platforms you have used to build your website. For example, WordPress, Drupal, PHP, WooCommerce, etc. We give 360° web solutions starting from domain registration to digital marketing. Our costs can fit any pocket as our products serve every range of budget. A team of 40+ professionals is at your disposal specifically for the task of website maintenance. Use our 12+ years of industry experience to transform your business. Inculcate the latest technologies to your website with our service.

Choose any of the monthly or quarterly maintenance packages according to your convenience. This should be decided based on the size and requirements of your business. List out the services you would like to have for your website and then choose the right package. You can reach out to us 24×7 at any step. Our proposals are crystal clear for you to understand that your trust matters to us. Our payment options are flexible. You can pay us using payment methods like debit or credit card, NEFT, net banking, EMI, UIP, wallet, etc. 

We take pride in calling ourselves India’s First Systemized Website Maintenance Company. We have years of experience and our target is your satisfaction. For your post-launch support activities, we have a dedicated maintenance team to assist you. Our processes are well defined and our program is the only program that does not work on an hourly basis, it rather works based on projects. You have access to check your ticket consumption, ticket statuses, package features, etc. because we believe in transparency. One more advantage of our service is you get unlimited standard support. You can avail of our support easily from our IOS and Android apps as well.


Impress Your Visitors With An Updated & Fast Loading Website

Find out more about what's included in our website maintenance plans.


What are the Different Ways of Maintaining a Website?

1. In-House Developer
You can have in-house employees for website maintenance. The benefit of doing this is you will have dedicated staff focussing only on website maintenance. However, it is a costly affair as you will have to employ individual workers for each field like domain and hosting, content, design, development, etc. There will be as many employees as fields and you have to spend money to pay them. If any of the employees leave the whole process of website maintenance will be disrupted.


    • Dedicated staff will focus only on website maintenance
    • You will have all the resources at your disposal. 


    • You have to hire multiple people who are experts in various technologies such as Web Developers, Web Designers, Domain & Server managers, Content Writers, etc. 
    • It's costlier than any other options available. 
    • Recruiting talents is another cost you have to bear. 
    • Any team member leaving the team will break the process.
2. Freelance Developer:
This is a cheaper way of doing website maintenance as you just have to pay one person and only for the amount of work they have done. With this method, you can save money but your priority will be compromised because freelancers have many clients to serve. As one person will be dealing with everything the quality may get compromised as well. If you hire different freelancers for different processes there will be more expenditure and a lack of coordination.


    • This is a cheaper way as you just have to pay one person.


    • Your priority will be compromised because freelancers have many clients to serve.
    • The quality may get compromised as one person will be handling everything.
    • If you hire different freelancers for different processes there will be more expenditure and a lack of coordination.
    • Security is the major concern when opting for this option.
3. Reputed Website Maintenance Agency
This is an all-in-one method. If you subscribe to a website maintenance company you will have a team of professionals dedicated to your requirements. It can be a little costly but not more than hiring in-house developers. These companies have experts in every field and give proven results. You will be given dedicated time and priority. They also provide reports regularly. The resources needed for website maintenance, like marketing, strategy, and programming services will be available in one place at your disposal.


    • You will have a team of professionals dedicated to your requirements.
    • These companies have experts in every field and give proven results.
    • You will be given dedicated time and priority.
    • Regular reports will be provided.
    • The resources needed for website maintenance, like marketing, strategy, and programming services will be available in one place at your disposal.


    • It is a bit costly.
4. Do It Yourself
Some people do it themselves. There are a lot of risks involved in this process as it needs technical expertise in case of any failure. You can lose your website entirely in the process of saving money. It is advised not to do it yourself as it involves many tasks.  Apart from all this you also need to invest a lot of money and time in this task which will stand in the way of other tasks that need your attention.


    • Everything will be in your hand, so you can do as you wish.


    • There are a lot of risks involved in this process as it needs technical expertise in case of any failure.
    • You can lose your website entirely.
    • You also need to invest a lot of money and time in this task which will stand in the way of other tasks that need your attention.




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Top Benefits of

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance has a lot of benefits to offer for your website and overall business. Here are some of the top benefits:

Maintain Your Website Security

Maintain Your Website's Security

Your website is a direct reflection of your business, and it is essential to keep it up-to-date. Websites that have regular basis maintenance are least vulnerable to security risks, and often suffer from decreased functionality.

Boost Customer Acquisition

Boost Customer Acquisition

A successful website needs maintenance, and that's not just because you'll want to freshen things up every once in a while. The truth is that there are plenty of aspects of a website that need to be kept up with to ensure its success. If your site isn't being optimized, it could cost you customers, revenue, and sales.

Keep Your Content

Keep Your Content Up-to-date

The biggest advantage of website maintenance is keeping your website content up-to-date. Another advantage is that you get to keep all your website content, so it is easy for potential visitors to find you. Regularly updating your website will also help increase your traffic and search engine ranking.

Avoid Costly Disasters

Avoid Costly Disasters

No one wants to deal with the aftermath of a disaster. Keeping up with your website maintenance is like having a preventative medicine plan. It's well worth the cost, because it keeps you from spending much more later on in the form of security breaches, technical issues, and lost sales.

Taking 100% Care of Your Website

Lets take your website performance to next level

From this...

To this...

  • From...Feeling Helpless
    To... Hand-Hold Support
  • From... Slow for visitors to load and browse
    To... Blazingly-fast WordPress website
  • From... Multiple security breaches and warnings
    To... Fully secured, monitored, and backed up website
  • From... Missing performance upgrades and features
    To... Theme, plugins, and core software are always updated
  • From... Declining website traffic
    To... Month-on-month website improvements
  • From... Unresponsive and buggy website
    To... Mobile-friendly and optimized website
  • From... Inexperienced WordPress developers
    To... Expert WordPress development assistance
  • From... Missing Domain & SSL Certificate Renewal
    To... Always Active and Renewed
  • From... Missed to take regularly updated backup
    To... Always have a Safe and Recoverable Backup

Want this peace of mind for one of your business's most important assets?

Frequently Asked Website Maintenance Questions

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What is website maintenance?
Website maintenance is the process of checking the health and performance of your website. It involves security updates, traffic growth, fresh content, etc. With website maintenance, you can resolve the mistakes and issues of your website.
What does website maintenance include?
Website maintenance includes tasks such as fixing issues, security updates, plugin updates, maintaining best practices, making changes and tweaks to your website, etc.
Why is it important to maintain your website?
If you want your website to run at full strength then website maintenance is necessary. Website maintenance enhances the capacity of your website by improving its security, traffic, load speed, etc. Websites with no maintenance are prone to security threats and downtime.
How much does website maintenance cost?
The cost of maintenance depends on your approach. Who you hire to do it decides the cost. It can be as low as $8 for a small-blog website and go as high as $3000 for eCommerce websites.
What website maintenance options are there?
There are four options for doing website maintenance. You can do it yourself, hire a freelancer or a website maintenance agency, or employ an in-house team.
How long does it take to maintain my website?
It depends on how much support your website needs. With regular maintenance, it will take lesser time.
Are web hosting and domain support included in website maintenance?

It depends on the service provider. Some providers charge extra for them and consider them as independent services whereas some other providers include them in their plans. Aarav Infotech has them included in the plan.

What about the data safety of my website? Will allowing a third party to maintain my website compromise its security?
It is better to opt for a specialized website maintenance agency so that the data security would be maintained and your website will be in safe hands. They are very transparent with their processes.
Will website maintenance change my websites look & feel?
No, absolutely not. The maintenance team will do the changes requested by you and the internal core and plugin update which do not impact the UI (User Interface i.e. frontend).
How will I know my website is getting maintained?
You have to ensure that the maintenance team is in sync with you, shares the detailed reports, and does all the requests raised by you. Also, you can ask for a login area where you can monitor the activities just like we provide to our clients.

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