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Search Engine Optimization can increase the pace of your growth. You might be unsure when to go for SEO services. Our SEO Plans are designed to meet different kinds of clients requirements. We have cost-efficient plans for young companies with a limited budget to complete high-end SEO solutions for big companies.

Our SEO plans are designed to help companies who are at a particular growth stage. We recommended plans that will help you to transition from one level to the next few levels easily with carefully crafted SEO strategies.

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30 Days money back guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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Money Back Guarantee. If you do not see improvements within 30 days, we will refund 100% of your fee.

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What is included in our SEO Packages?

Our SEO plans are designed to help companies who are at a particular growth stage.
Here is an overview of the different parts of our SEO packages.

01. Initial Review and Analysis
We begin every SEO plan with a review of the requirements for your business. After that, we analyze the data related to your brand through different kinds of analysis such as website analysis, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, baseline ranking check, duplicate content check, and Google penalty check. Our study helps us to find the relevant keywords that are unique and can be used for the optimization of your website.

02. Website Usability & Conversion Optimization
After the initial review and analysis, we take the project ahead by optimizing the website for the conversion of visitors to clients. Our team implements Technical SEO corrections to fix broken links, check error pages, etc. At this stage, the content strategy is also analyzed and content marketing steps are initiated. Further, web designing and branding consultation services are also offered.

03. On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
Our SEO specialists will conduct On-Page Optimization of your website by enhancing your website with the required keywords and codes. Off-Page Optimization steps are taken at this stage with classified listings, social bookmarking, directory submission, and more. With On-Page optimization, your website becomes easily discoverable by search engines while Off-Page optimization creates enough content using keywords on other websites to give maximum reach for your brands.

04. Content Marketing
We create blogs, blog posts, press releases, guest blogs, and more as part of our content marketing. This ensures that there is sufficient high-quality content related to your brand online. We build authentic content sources for you and increase your visibility in search engine rankings.

05. Local Search Optimization
Through Local SEO, we update search engines with location-specific information about your business. Local Search Optimization includes Google My Business Set-up, Bing Long Listing Creation, Wikipedia Creation/Updation, Geo-Targeting and more. These services help you reach the location-based target audience who are more relevant to your business.

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SEO packages

Use the SEO FAQs and answers to understand how we deliver better ROI with SEO strategies through our comprehensive SEO plans.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO depends on various factors like the number of keywords, time duration, and the types of SEO services (like Local, eCommerce, or Global). In general, the National SEO Services start from INR 21000/month onwards.

What are the benefits of purchasing an SEO package from Aarav infotech?

For greater reliability and better services, Aarav infotech’s SEO packages are the go-to options. We offer a variety of SEO packages like Local SEO, eCommerce SEO, National SEO, etc. For any of your queries, you can contact us anytime, and most importantly, we bring you the promised results; like a boost in Search engine rankings, as well as a greater growth in traffic and sales.

How can SEO save a lot of my money?

In the long run, SEO is going to save you a lot of money that you are otherwise going to spend on paid ads and banners. Also, the authority and credibility you will gain with the help of SEO are incomparable to that of paid campaigns. SEO will bring you better quality leads and sales by targeting the right audience.


Is SEO services a one-time investment or will it go on for the long term?

SEO is a long process. It takes time and consistency to flourish your business. To get the desired impact you need to make persistent efforts and hard work. Our in-house SEO teams do all the hard work for your website. Our services are affordable and won’t hurt your pocket in the long run.

Is Aarav infotech’s SEO worth the cost?

Our work says on behalf of us. You can check out our successful SEO case studies in the Case Studies section. In there you can see the results we have brought for our valued customers.

How is your SEO service different from others?

Our SEO packages are pocket friendly and result-driven. We partner with our customers to grow their ventures and do whatever it takes to accomplish the desired outcomes. We bring in more traffic, leads, and sales for your business with our top-of-the-line services.

Which SEO package is best for me?

The SEO packages are designed in such a way that can benefit businesses of all sizes, and kinds and at every stage of operation. You can compare the features of each package and decide the one which best fits your needs. If you need a customized package, then contact us today.

Does SEO impact my sales?

In the modern world, SEO has become a tool for success for many businesses around the world. Not only it ranks your website higher in the search results, but also it drives traffic, leads, and sales for your business. So the answer to your question is “Yes, SEO impacts your sales.”

How do you report the results of the SEO campaigns?

We maintain greater transparency in our service. Detailed monthly reports are prepared and shared on keyword ranking, promise and delivery, backlinks, and the performance of the campaigns. We organize the monthly meeting to discuss recommendations, feedback, strategy, and suggestions.

When can I see the results of SEO?

The time taken for a website to rank on the first page will vary depending on several factors, including the difficulty of the keyword, the amount of work required on the website's pages, and various other technological aspects. An average of 6 to 12 months is needed to rank a website on Google. However, the time varies from site to site; some can rank in three months, while others may take longer than a year.


Are your SEO packages Google-compliant?
Yes. To deliver results through our SEO packages, we follow white hat techniques that are compliant with Google's SEO optimization guidelines and policies.
I have unique requirements. Can you provide a customized SEO package?
Yes. We understand that businesses have different goals and that's why our experts tailor customized SEO packages for satisfying your unique business needs.
Is SEO a one-time cost or ongoing?
You can spend on SEO once but for long-term SEO benefits, you will need to invest in cost-effective ongoing SEO plans by our experts.
Will I be able to change my SEO plan?
Yes. You can modify the SEO plan as per your changing business needs. To receive assistance for modifications in your SEO contract, kindly contact us.

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