Increase Organic Traffic Over 60-70% by Using Technical SEO

Increase Organic Traffic Over 60-70% by Using Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a great way to reach potential customers looking for your products or services with high website rankings in organic search engine results. Now attract a huge amount of organic traffic to your website with Technical SEO.

People usually hire SEO services to optimize their websites for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This attracts organic search traffic and boosts your page rankings on Search Engine Results Page(SERP) when online users search for keywords related to your company.

Importance of Technical SEO

SEO can be achieved through Technical SEO and Content Marketing. Technical SEO creates a SEO-ready structure for your website as per the search engine guidelines while Content Marketing builds valuable content to generate organic traffic.

Technical SEO enhances a website’s architecture making it easier for search engines to find your website among others. It creates a path with strategic use of keywords by indexing pages, checking site response and build the site’s capability. Technical SEO Experts use specialized tools to find all the technical data related to a website. This data helps them to determine the health of a website and why it is ranking low in SERPs.

Technical SEO analysis is used to understand a website and identify issues to plan corrective measures. These measures are carefully planned and relevant changes are made in website codes to optimize the website. Also. keywords are carefully embedded in web pages without keyword stuffing.

Content Marketing definitely improves your website traffic but technical SEO creates a way for it to work effectively. Therefore, Technical C

You need to resolve some of these Key Technical SEO Issues

Broken Links, Redirects & the 404 Page

Broken links of a website can lower the search engine rankings. Through SEO analysis, you can check for all the broken links on your website and create suitable redirects for these pages or remove them if they are not longer required. Similarly, 404 error pages affect your rankings too. It is better to have 301 redirect than a 404 error code that has no authority.

Schema Markup

Schema Markups are a set of markups that are used by webmasters for SEO purposes to embed structured data on the websites. This action enables search engines to easily discover the website. It tells the search engines about the page and can highly increase the click-through rate.

Custom Tag

Custom tags are written to make your web pages more relevant to search engine bots looking for relevant data as per specific keywords or phrases. You can include keywords or phrases in your tags most relevant to your web pages.


These tags are used on web pages to indicate the language used in the web pages. With HREFLANG tags, search engines will show results based on location as per the language.

Meta Tag language

With Meta Tag language, search engines can determine the language of the websites. This tag communicates the languages supported by the website.

XML Sitemap

Adding an XML Sitemap to your site helps Google and other search engines to crawl through your website easily and find relevant data. It also helps to prevent duplicate data from affecting your rankings. For huge websites, XML Sitemap can be used to direct search engines to more relevant pages on the website.

Image XML Sitemaps increases your rankings in the search engine image results. Video XML Sitemaps helps to index videos and boost their rankings in search engine video results.

Google is a popular search engine that continues to attract maximum online search engine users from across the world. Only a Technical SEO expert can increase the organic search traffic to your website. An SEO Services company has the technical experts to help you with SEO analysis and tackle these Technical SEO challenges and thereby improve your organic reach multifold.

What kind of Technical SEO challenges have you faced? Would you like to suggest any tips and tricks to tackle Technical SEO?

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    • Abby Thomas
    • August 23, 2016

    This is so helpful. We’re currently combining SEO & content marketing. And somehow, it looks like it works, although the process could be not so fast. But still, at least we are trying.

    • Sohan
    • August 17, 2016

    How to build links to an article? right after publishing it or do we need to wait for sometime after the article had been publishing before building links to it?

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      Preferably you should do it once the article is written and published — if you can’t it’s not a problem

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    • August 11, 2016

    Wow! Great and clear information. I was searching this type of info from ages thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing this stuff with us!

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