06 Reasons: Why Website Maintenance is Highly Important

Novelty and consistency in experience engage your customers online. Website Maintenance Services ensure that new content and seamless browsing experience continues on your website. Timely website maintenance is critical for your business growth. After all, if customers don’t find value on your website or find it difficult to gain access to our offerings, you will lose sales and the whole purpose of building a website becomes pointless.

What you will learn?

  1. What does the website maintenance program contain?
  2. Website Maintenance Checklist
  3. 10 Essential Reasons

What should a website maintenance program achieve?

  • It should keep your website content up-to-date
  • Identify and resolve issues or errors on your website
  • Manage spam comments on your website
  • Supervise your website hosting
  • It should manage technical and other changes


#1 Security

Your Website is the first customer touch. So if your website is not safe you lose both your business and your customers. These are the top 3 reasons why website security is important for business success.

Security of corporate liability - If attackers can hack valuable consumer data from your website and is deemed that you have not provided adequate security measures to prevent it, your company will be held accountable in several respects, and it will cost you.

Shields your revenue stream - Not all spammers are cyber pirates trying to steal data several of them just do it because they are nasty they will launch attacks, crash your website and bring your business to complete cease which will cost you sales

Builds brand and Customers Trusts - Customers would only access or stay on a website that is secured and has https tag in it. Also, what would you rather want your customers to see the label not secure or feel safe? Implementing SSL will help you protect customer’s data which will make them believe you care about their privacy.

effort and value proposition

#2 Customer Experience

According to a report by Walker, by the year 2020 customer experience will be overtaking product and price as the critical differentiator for branding. Faster websites, user-friendly web navigation, and customized content are essential for enhanced customer experience.


#3 Boost SEO Ranking

Many SEO experts believe that the search engine rankings of your website can be improved with consistently fresh content. According to the experts, Google’s crawlers give importance to those websites that provide relevant and updated content. Also, regular website maintenance takes care of broken links and error pages so that search engines can crawl the website as per the sitemap effectively.


#4 Keeps Your Audience Engaging

By updating your website with fresh content you can keep your audience engaged and attracted. If you are running an eCommerce store, you can update your product description and images to attract more buyers. Even fresh content may give you a position on the first page of the search engine result page.


#5 Save Cost & Effort

Maintaining the website is not just about adding new content or occasional upgrades. Sometimes, people are under the pretext that website maintenance can be done on their own without much effort. Hiring a dedicated Web specialist in-house isn’t a viable option for small and mid-sized businesses. And without technical expertise, if people try to perform IT functions, they may end up creating issues that will affect the website operations and the whole thing may turn out to be a more costly affair.


#6 Business Reputation

Customers are looking for an organization they can trust. However, a poorly managed website with lots of broken links, obsolete content and broken pages is a repeller for customers. They would believe your company is insignificant, old-fashioned and vulnerable.

Thus, if you'd like to show your company in a positive light and develop yourself as a healthy and creative organization, it is important to maintain regularly. Fix the broken links, create new content, and redirect the old pages. Only by doing that would you be able to achieve a positive impression and the confidence of your customers.


Website Maintenance Checklist



  • WordPress Core Update
  • WordPress Plugin Update
  • Clearing Logs and junk files
  • Check your page load speed
  • Test your forms
  • Removed unused plugins or extensions
  • Remove any inactive admin users
  • Check your order processing
  • Scan & Resolve Security Issues
  • Check your local Search Visibility
  • Analyze Website Statistics



    • Review the Website for any possible improvements.
    • Update Website Homepage Graphics and Images
    • Make Sure your website contents are up-to-date
    • Update Your SEO Meta Tags wherever needed
    • Test for mobile and browser compatibility issues and resolve
    • Test All form are getting submitted and the results are coming to your email id
    • Update All popup banners and call to action
    • Check with the marketing team and do the required updates



  • Update Copyright Date and other date or year references
  • Review Content for Accuracy
  • Renew your website domain
  • Renew your SSL Certificate
  • Renew your Website Hosting
  • Review your overall website strategy
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