20 Ideas to Keep Digital Marketing Campaign Flourishing

20 Ideas to Keep Digital Marketing Campaign Flourishing

We are living in the digital economy today where the success of our business cannot be optimized without a thought-through digital marketing campaign. This, of course, involves varied aspects to work upon including Social Media Marketing, PPC management, SEO Service, etc. Whether you are opting for digital marketing services from an agency or you are doing it in-house, either way, there may be a time when you would hit rock bottom on fresh ideas for your campaign. Here are 20 ideas you can look at to keep your digital marketing campaign flourishing -

1. Build some links to your website (SEO) Backlinking is an essential component of SEO service. Building quality links to your website are the foundation of a good SEO. Consider creating backlinks to your website which are more authoritative. These links can be created vide diverse channels like blogs, directories, business associates, etc. This will give you the desired ranking on search engines for the chosen keywords for your business.

2. Start a weekly newsletter to the local customers It’s important to keep in touch with your users. No matter how small or big your business is – connecting to your consumers regularly is crucial to your business. And newsletter plays an important role here. Start a newsletter or emailing to the subscribers, maybe once or twice a week. Focus on keeping it fresh and real for them. Through these newsletters, you can send them product upgrades, new additions, offer discounts; or anything that would be of value to them. This helps in brand recall in their minds. Whenever they are looking for products or services similar to your offerings, they would remember your brand. This automatically enhances the chance of them coming back to you. A survey conducted by the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association shows that 79% of respondents favor receiving emails, more than any other medium.

3. Get email addresses from potential customers Every digital marketing Agency comprehends the importance of having a great mailing list. It’s like a repository to market your services and build a channel of communication with your customers. So, have a strategy to get those email addresses from them and utilize them for optimized SEO. You can do this by asking your customers visiting your outlets to voluntarily leave their details. Or getting to subscribe to your newsletters is also effective. In any way, you need to get them to sign a consent that they are open to receiving emails from you.

4. Offer discounts for check-in on Foursquare /Facebook Your digital marketing campaign is just incomplete without social media marketing. It can be of great help in local SEO. Using social media apps like Facebook and Foursquare, you can easily reach out to local consumers. You can also study consumer behavior online and accordingly choose to target a specific segment of users and offer them discounts/product upgrades, etc.

5. Write five keyword-targeted blog posts SEO is driven by content and links. And using targeted keywords play a crucial role in SEO ranking. Start with keyword research on search engines. Identify the most searched keywords that match your business. Write 5 at least 5 blog posts using those keywords. For better ranking, consider using long-tail keyword phrases. Once you are done writing, it’s time to promote those through various online channels.

6. Start a buffer account and schedule social media regularly Apt use of social media tools is a must in your digital marketing. Buffer and Choose Hootsuite are a couple of social management tools that are free for an initial period and then can be used for a nominal fee. With these tools, you can manage and schedule your social content on your social media accounts. These tools help you maintain consistency in your social media updates which is important considering these updates have a pretty short half-life.

7. Use Five Stars to reward frequent customers We all love rewards. Rewarding is one of the best ways to keep your customers coming back to you. Create some appeal rewards to go for your business using TangoCard or Fivestars and let your customers feel privileged for being frequent.

8. Track Online Reviews Optimize the use of digital space by allowing your customers to speak. Track reviews for your business. Encourage your customers to write reviews for your products and services. This will help build a bond of trust.

9. Buy ads to get your email list on Facebook Remember we spoke about getting a mailing list? Yes! That’s not just for sending emails and newsletters but it can be handy in your social media marketing as well. Yes! Buy ads on Facebook. You can then upload your mailing list on Facebook and re-target them to bring back to you.

10. Promote tweets in the local area tweeter can be used effectively for local SEO. Target your consumers in the local business areas by promoting tweets. You can also use hashtags specific to a particular area. Not only it would be effective but also considerably cheap.

11. Offer discounts to potential email addresses Discount offers can be used to get potential email addresses. Many digital marketing agencies encourage users to sign up through Twitter cards. Customers are happy to receive a discount code for their next purchase through an email management platform used by them. Then simply add them to your pool of digital campaigns you do every week and soon you will see the result.

12. Be active on social media channels Social media channels are the widest avenue to find your customers. So in your local SEO strategy, including social media marketing. And not just that, be active and engage your users with consistent communication.

13. Claim your local listings and optimize Local directories like Google and Bing and many more can help you leverage your presence. Put small content on your business; claim your local listing on these directories and optimize your SEO.

14. Optimize your site for local search Tap your local business area first with local SEO. Provide relevant and apt information on your products and services for your local business on your website. Use targeted keywords so people searching for your products and services in your area can reach you easily.

15. Write an e-book on a specific topic E-books will help you establish your business as a veteran in the digital space - a great way to tell your users you are an expert on the subject. So, get on to it. Jot down an outline for your book, take help from an editor, and just roll it out.

16. Have a clear ‘Call-to-Action’ Putting out content in digital space without an apt ‘call to action is pointless, especially if the objective is lead generation. So, your users should be able to reach out to you or take decisions online easily. Have a proper ‘call to action for your content like – ‘call for appointment’ or ‘buy now, etc.

17. Write a new website copy to increase conversions Fresh content is always refreshing for conversion rate optimization. Focus on conversions and write new copy for your website with product upgrades and services.

18. Do keyword research for your website Using most search keywords by the user in your local business area is the key to conversion rate optimization in SEO. So, before you begin your digital marketing campaigns, do thorough research on keywords for your website. Identify those keywords and use them strategically in your copy.

19. Check Search Console and redirect 404s For every website, domain verification by Google webmaster Search console is a must. Redirect URLs that 404 on your site to the correct place. This is very important.

20. Promote blog posts to website users on Facebook and Twitter Social media like Facebook and Twitter are undeniably effective platforms when it comes to getting users’ attention. So, use these platforms to promote your blog posts. It will create an opportunity for user engagement and in due course of time may lead to conversion as well.

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