5 Benefits of Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

We are experiencing a maneuver of marketing techniques from traditional approaches to digital ones in the wake of the growing engulfment of people’s lives into digital media. It is thus becoming a growing necessity for any business establishment or start-up to make a digital presence and capture potential customers in the digital space. Digital marketing can provide various advantages over traditional marketing processes, and these benefits should be tapped with a skillful analysis of customer behavior over social media, marketing approaches of businesses in digital media, and so on. Professional help in the form of digital marketing services can be helpful in this regard. The following can be observed as the five main advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing:

1: The best part of web-based marketing is that the size of the establishment doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is how skillfully can you establish your presence as a successful seller and make the best use of the digital platform to raise your marketing skills. So it’s a level playing field whether you are a large or small retailer.

2: It is pocket-friendly too. A company can expand its online marketing strategies quite effortlessly at low costs and cut back on other expenses linked to traditional strategies like advertisements on televisions, newspapers, and other mass media.

3: It is relatively simpler to measure the stuff that works or doesn’t work for your business in an online marketing sphere. You can measure the traffic to your website or blog using Google Analytics which can help to achieve specific goals. Also, packaged email marketing solutions provide the option to see how many people are interacting with your emails.

4: There are real-time results in digital marketing. For traditional marketing, there is a long wait to get feedback about how well their business is running. Here, a simple touch of a button on the site will provide information about the number of visitors, increase in subscribers, peak trading times, conversion rates, etc.

5: It provides spontaneous refinement opportunities as compared to traditional strategies and also at much lower costs. Online marketing provides instantaneous chances for improvising. There are greater chances of building a good brand image addressing and valuing the needs of the target customers. Apart from these, there are other associated benefits of web-based marketing. There is a far greater opportunity to gain global exposure for the company. The social media share buttons can help a brand go completely viral. This would be quite unthinkable in the case of traditional marketing where both cost and feasibility is a factor. Brands have thus discovered a new zone of competition in the digital sphere. This has further promoted the growth of digital marketing companies and services that would help in optimizing their strategies. Apart from receiving a good SEO, and executing plans in emails and social media, the need for these services is imperative to give the companies a direction for their marketing strategies.

Jitendra Raulo

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