Abhinav health care specialized in Ayurvedic health products when it's website launched in his initial stage there was no online presence. It was hard to make an online presence as there already other competitors were ranking on Google search engine.

  • Development of website with proper coding & design the website with a suitable theme.
  • Shopping cart page integration.
  • creating a user-friendly website for easy to navigate.
  • Creating high-quality backlinks to bring more traffic.
  • Added META data, product title & Product description.
  • Increasing keyword density on each page with rich content.

After redevelopment & redesign of the website with proper coding and a suitable theme it started gaining the importance on the web. The creation of a user-friendly website made easy to navigate for the user, creation of high-quality backlinks helped to bring more traffic which results website to came on 1st page within 3 months of time.

Keyword Rankings Achieved

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15 kofit syrup 4 1st Page India
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17 rasnasaptak kwath 4 1st Page India