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Growth Oriented Web Design Services in India

Aarav Infotech continues to provide the latest in website design as a leading web design services company with eye-catching typography, minimalistic navigation, striking CTA buttons, and immersive jQuery elements. We create, as well as recreate websites for small, medium, and large enterprises, with a dash of brand personality.

By keeping tabs on what’s trending, we empower businesses that trust us with the benefits of advanced web technologies and web design practices. In the ocean of web functionalities, we suggest the ones that are likely to increase lead conversions, improve SEO, enhance brand value, and boost customer delight. Be it a static website or a dynamic eCommerce store, our website design services ensure clutter-free and responsive web page designs for brands representing diverse industries.

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Web Design Services

Website design services at the most basic level are to promote a business or a brand.  A website is the reflection of your business and conveys your brand image in front of your target audience. Every website has a story to tell. And this story starts from the day it was born. The needs of a business can change with time and its website should evolve with the business. Get an overall understanding of what website design is all about with the help of the below questions

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Website Design Process

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Best of the Best Website Design Services

Our website design services can be customized to fit your business needs. Whether you are looking for a fresh look or a responsive site, we’re here to help.

Web Design Services

Web Design Services

Our custom web design services can help you build a custom website that reflects your business and brand. With our team, you can create a site that is easy to navigate, looks professional, and catches your potential customer's attention.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

We create fully-responsive, mobile-friendly website designs. With a website that looks stunning on any device, from large desktop screens to smartphones, your site visitors have a great experience when visiting your website.

eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Design

Our eCommerce website designs are built for high functionality, so you can better serve your customers. Our team of experts can help guide you into a sustainable, scalable, and customized eCommerce solution. With the power of eCommerce, you can build a profitable online shopping experience for global customers.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

Top-of-the-line website designs on WordPress are designed by our expert developers. We can work with you to get your website in the best shape possible or you can choose one of our pre-designed site templates - that make it easy for you without having to worry about design at all.

Blog Website Design

Blog Website Design

Our blog website design is an all-inclusive package that includes every feature you need to build a fully functional, beautiful site. It’s feature-rich, allowing you to carry out all the tasks on your own using a very user-friendly CMS (Content management system)

Website Redesign Services

Website Redesign Services

Redefine your business. Start with a website redesign. Aarav infotech’s team of designers and coders is ready to redefine your business on the web and create a high-end digital experience that will help your company grow.

Essential Features to Choose

Our Web Design Services

If you are looking to make your business stand out online, then choose our website design services. Our services help in every aspect of your website development, starting from page layout to coding, SEO-friendliness, and more


Effective Page Layout

We create simplified yet stunning page layouts. Our team creates a website that is accessible in all screen sizes so your website visitors can easily interact with your site, no matter what device they are using.


Implementing SEO-Friendly Features

From the initial planning stages to design and development, as a reputed SEO Agency we will help you with the best solutions in every stage of web design considering SEO-friendly aspects.


Motion Graphics

We use subtle motion graphics as per client needs. The motion graphics that we create is designed to impress and attract people. They are also formatted to engage audiences more deeply and to build long-term relations.



Our website codes are structured for quick and easy revisions. It will make it easier to manage all of the data and help organize the codes in ways that could manage


Blog Integration

We ensure that blog integration will have additional entry points for organic traffic. We help you get new visitors by using relevant information and keeping a steady stream of high-quality articles.


Social & Chat integration

We do integrate social and chat with every website so that the connectivity of your website will be completed and your visitors can communicate with you in the most preferred mode. Also, being socially connected is part of the marketing strategy, nowadays.


Innovative customization

We will create a website for you that is easy to use and will make you stand apart from the crowd. Moreover, every aspect you want to add will be taken into consideration and worked upon. It will generate the biggest conversion.


Inquiry Form Integration

It will get more leads to your page and help visitors to get the information that they require. It makes it easy for customers to contact and ask about their queries and get a perfect solution to their problems.

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Embrace Latest Technologies And Trends For Your Next Web Project

We endeavor to grow ahead with clients by creating commendable and award-winning works in web design through our creativity and innovation.

Experienced Designers - We have a great team of web designers, web developers, and content professionals. Our talented team pours their creativity and technical knowledge into every project.

Trending Technology - Technology is our Strength! Blending our experience with the latest technology and trending style, our bespoke website design services are aimed to boost your conversions.

Quality Testing - To ensure the output is at par with the expectations, at Aarav Infotech, we study your profile better and build a distinct idea that leads to the development of a well-quality site.

Process In-place - Every step of our website design process is focused on maximizing your company's goal by offering your customers an engaging, interactive, and valuable web experience.

Robust Project Planning - We create a time-frame project plan after studying your brand and your business needs. We have a team of professionals with a vision for creating an engaging project plan.

100% Satisfaction - We have 1000+ trusted clients with whom we have built professional relationships for over 10+ years and are fully satisfied with our service.

Create A Pixel Perfect Website for Your Business

Get started with Aarav Infotech. Tell us your requirements and we will suggest suitable web design plans especially for you.

Website Design Approch at Aarav Infotech

DESIGN: Design is the first step of a new website. Design is a visual language that communicates information and meaning through color, form, space, and typography.

Design is about communication: It’s about defining your brand in a way that speaks to your audience.

Design is also about the user: A user-centered approach means we focus on individuals who visit our site, rather than abstracting them into mindless “users.” We consider what they want when they come here—what they need from us—and how we can best provide it for them.

Finally, design is about content: We work with clients to create a well-written copy (whether it's copy for blogs or long-form articles) so that their message lands loud and clear with their audience.

CODE: Code is a set of instructions that a web browser follows when it displays a website. The code can be written in many different ways, but the most common are HTML and CSS.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is used to tell the browser which parts of your website should be clickable links, where text should appear on the page, how text should look (font style, size), and even what color an image or video should be.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is used to control how elements on your website look by defining styles like colors, borders, fonts, etc.

Use these codes or simply use a website builder to develop your website.

LAUNCH: Once you have a functional website, the next step is to launch it. To ensure that your site is easy-to-use, secure, and mobile-friendly, there are several things you should do before launching:

Make sure it's responsive. A responsive website will automatically resize itself depending on the device being used to view it.

Make sure it's fast. The most common reason for a slow load time is using too many plugins or scripts that are slowing down your site’s performance. Test various tools to determine which ones work best for you and remove any unnecessary ones before launch day arrives!

Test all links thoroughly; don't leave anything up in limbo where people could end up stuck in infinite loops trying to get back out again when they click around while visiting this new space online—this could be especially problematic if someone doesn't notice right away that something isn't working properly or leads them astray into some other part of your networked system where they might become entangled even further away from where they were originally trying to go (such as having been redirected via URL shorteners at first but then finding themselves unable.).

MAINTAIN: Maintain your site. The most important thing you can do to keep your site up-to-date is to update it regularly. If nothing else, make sure that the content hasn't gone stale and that there are no broken links or other problems with accessibility.

Make sure it's mobile-friendly. Your website should look good on all devices—not just desktop computers, but also phones and tablets so that people who visit your site from those devices will be able to find what they're looking for easily.

Keep it secure. You want to make sure that your website is secure from hackers or cybercriminals who would try to access private information about you or others on the site through malicious means like phishing attacks (fake emails) or malware (malicious software). Updating security measures regularly is highly recommended in this regard; consider hiring an experienced developer if necessary.* Make pages load quickly: Pages should load as fast as possible so visitors don't get bogged down waiting around while trying out different features of the site.* Build responsive web design: Responsive design makes websites adaptable based on screen size when using any device—no matter how small or large!

DESIGN AND MAINTAIN YOUR WEBSITE EASILY: Website design is a process. It’s not just about the look, but also about the experience, functionality, and code.

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools—and getting it right can be challenging. There are a lot of elements that go into creating a great website: from choosing which platform to use to deciding what colors and fonts you want on your website and how they fit together in harmony with each other. But don’t worry! If you cannot do it on your own, then we are here to help. Avail of our website design services to get the best value for your business.


Different Web Design Styles

The most popular website design styles are all over the board, but they all have one thing in common: they have a purpose.

  • The first kind is the minimalist style. This style is meant to be simple and clean, with very little in the way of clutter. 
  • The other kind, which is the opposite of minimalism, is called skeuomorphism. This style is for sites that want to give the user a more realistic feel. These sites are often made to look like real-life objects to help users navigate them more easily. T
  • The third kind of site design is flat design. This type does not use shadows or gradients and has very simple graphics. 
  • The last popular style of website design is parallax scrolling. This allows users to scroll through pages with 3D effects that simulate movement.

These are some of the website design styles that are in trend now. Some other website design formats include Typography, Photographic, Illustrative, iconographic, and more. the styles of


Different Design Formats

Website design comes in countless different formats, but some seem to be more popular than others. The safest way to design a website is using a static HTML format because it will remain consistent and will work on any device. If you want to use a dynamic website that will constantly change with new information, then you should probably go with a CMS (content management system) format such as WordPress or Joomla. These sites are best for blogging purposes. For the more visually-oriented websites such as those that need to show off products or services, then you might want to opt for a flash format. These sites are not very popular anymore because they don't always work properly across all devices. However, if you truly need one of these types of websites and can't find another solution, then Flash might be your only hope.


What Makes Us a Unique Web Design Agency?

We are committed to delivering quality services at the most affordable cost. Our goal is to deliver real value to our customers while providing them with a better user experience. Aarav Infotech strives to become an integral part of our client's business. We strive to bring out the best in your business by providing you with an online presence that is not only visually pleasing and engaging but also one that will yield concrete results in terms of increased sales and customer engagement.

Aarav Infotech is a professional web development company that provides services to build websites, web applications, and website maintenance for both small and big businesses. Aarav Infotech is an organization with highly qualified professionals who have years of experience in building websites using different languages such as HTML5, HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, etc. Aarav Infotech also offers SEO services to help you get a high ranking on Google search engine results pages.

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The Benefits of Our Website Design Services

Helping Your Business Grow

If you are looking for a hassle-free, stress-free web designing experience, Aarav Infotech is the place to be!

High Conversion

High Conversion

We aim to design a website that is liked by the users and converts well.

User Engagement

User Engagement

We build websites that have 100% genuine content that makes users stick around, absorb, and convert.

Gain Customer Trust

Gain Customer Trust

Our well-crafted web design ensures gaining and retaining customer trust with its effective content alignment.

SEO Benefits

SEO Benefits

We will design a website that is optimized for the search engine, which increases the visibility of your brand.

Challenges Competitors

Challenges Competitors

If your goal is to make a performing website, get maximal mileage out of it and make it attractive using the latest trends. That's where Aarav Infotech helps you.

Brand Identity Building

Brand Identity Building

Our website design work not only conveys what you offer but also the values that you represent. The perfect value alignment will build your brand identity.

Know more about our expertise with these

Web Design India FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about website design are listed below.

Why shall I choose your website design services?

Aarav infotech is an established name in the field of website design. We have hundreds of successful website designs in our portfolio. The number of eyes we have pleased with our charismatic web designs is in crores. To get the best design outcome, value for money, and affordable service, you can choose us. Still not convinced? Then check out our web case studies to get an idea of our professionalism.

Will I have complete ownership of my website?

Once the website design is completed, we will transfer the full source code to your hosting account. After the completion and launch of the project, you completely own the website.

Will my website be SEO friendly?

Yes, we deliver fully SEO-friendly websites. In our website design services, we work closely with our in-house SEO team to make the website fully SEO-friendly.

Do you only create websites on WordPress?

As a full-fledged creative agency, we support various platforms to design and develop websites. Apart from WordPress, we develop websites on platforms or technologies like; HTML, PHP, Drupal, Magento, Laravel, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and many more.

Do you provide website maintenance services also?

Yes, we do provide website maintenance services. To add the cherry on the cake, we also provide a one-month (or as discussed in the quote) free website maintenance service to the newly designed websites. In this timeframe, our customers can enjoy our top-of-the-line website maintenance service and implement the required changes. 

Can you use subtle animations on my websites?

Yes, we can! We leverage your website design with the use of animations. These animations are made using Javascript, Jquery, and WordPress.

How long does it take to develop my website?

The exact time frame required depends on the number of pages, the complexity of the project, the platform used, and many other factors. We can provide a more accurate time frame, only after thoroughly understanding your requirements. You can get your estimated project completion timeframe by contacting us. On average, a standard website project can be completed within a month.

What is your website design process?

As a leading website design service provider, we follow a systematic process to complete the projects. First of all, we will understand your requirements using various channels like Questionnaires, mail, meetings, and calls. Then we will share a detailed proposal with you. After initiating the project, we ask for the initial requirements like logo, profile, preferences, etc. Then our design team will be assigned to your project along with a project coordinator. The project coordinator will be in touch with you till the successful project completion.

Are you going to make my website responsive or mobile-friendly?

Yes! We deliver fully responsive websites that work perfectly on any device like laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones. With our services, you can enjoy search engine ranking benefits, cover larger audiences, and convey the desired message effectively.

I already have a website, do you provide website redesign services also?

Yes, we provide website redesign services too. With our website redesign services, we furnish a fresh and refreshing feel to your existing website with pixel perfection.

Can you provide content for my website?

Yes, we do provide content writing services too. But note that it is not included in our website design package. You need to get a different proposal for content or get a combined proposal to avail our flawless content writing services.

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Website Design Technologies, Tools, and Platforms.

We follow the best ux design practices to deliver exemplary results.

Why Choose Us For a

Successful Website Design Project?

Aarav Infotech is a reputed web design agency, based in Mumbai. We put together the following factors that create the best website design

Why Choose


We create a comprehensive time-bound project plan after studying your brand and your precise business needs. Our team follows a personalized and consultative approach to your web design requirements.



We plan the design from the user's point of view. Great web design harmonizes the right colors, the right layout, and structured codes to maximize leads and conversions. Our web content is crisp and to the point.



We have a great team of business managers, designers, developers, and professionals. Our talented team put's in all the effort in every project we undertake, resulting in impressive websites.



We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified website design company based in Mumbai. To ensure quality control, we fix issues as they happen and regularly check the website internally for any links that might affect its performance.



Our expertise comes from several years of experience in delivering innovative website designs for different kinds of businesses. We can solve design challenges and technical issues easily with our experts.



Every step of our process is geared towards maximizing your business objectives by offering your customers an engaging, interactive, and valuable experience. We understand clients' requirements.

Take Your Website to the Next Level

Unlock Growth Opportunities with Custom Design

Some Exciting facts on website design

Did You Know?

Nearly 73% of web designers believe that a non-responsive design is a top cause of why visitors leave a website.
About 50% of consumers think that website design is important to a business’s overall brand.
Because of poor functionality, nearly 42% of the people will leave your website.
Around 23% of small retail businesses don’t have a website. But they need to have one.
Web design made for your business

Industries We Serve

Our services are available to businesses in all industries. We believe that every business has a story that should be told through your website, and we're here to help make that happen. When it comes to website design, we know how to tailor our services to meet your needs.

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