4 Great SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

4 Great SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Web marketing is on the rise, so there is increasing competition to attract more visitors to a website. Consultants providing SEO services are on the spurt and so are providers of responsive web design services. The reason why responsive web design is gathering popularity is due to the sheer need for web pages that are easily accessible and interactive regardless of any device from which they are accessed. Personalized desktops have been replaced by laptops, notebooks, and tablets and finally- people seem to have found the ultimate replacement in the form of Smartphones. User-friendly webpages are imperative for any online dealer, and responsive web design is a boon in this regard. However the question remains, can this boost a website’s SEO? It does in the following ways:

1: Google favors responsive websites. Google recommends it as the best way to target mobile users. Mobile optimized sites have their separate HTML and URLs, different from those of a desktop. Responsive sites have a common URL and webpages making it easier for Google to access them and aiding in a high rank in SERP. Also, mobile-optimized sites often do not rank high in search engines as desktop ones.

2: Responsive sites help in maintaining backlinks. This means we have to focus on the SEO of one site only. As there will be no separate sites for mobiles and desktops, all the links would be connected to one domain. Furthermore, we can build social shares for a single URL and when the site is shared, all its contents can be viewed from the link from any sort of device.

3: A responsive website has lower bounce rates. For mobile and tablet users, an otherwise high-ranking site can suffer from a high bounce rate if its content is too shortened or different from that of a desktop site. This is not the case for a redesigned responsive site as there is no compromise on the original content of the website. People will thus not stray away from the site and this will keep up the SEO.

4: Any website aims to make it as appealing and user-friendly as possible. People should be able to navigate through the pages with ease and the information should be conveyed with clarity. Responsive web design is targeted at the visitors of a website and with the growing number of users of tablets, mobiles, and Smartphones who prefer to access the internet from these, it is anything but obvious that search engines would recommend them.

The growth of the internet platform in India has taken place in leaps and bounds. So we find new entrants in the field of web marketing with each passing day. Consequently, SEO services and other metros providing responsive web design services have come up. This is due to the discovery of better ways to enhance users’ experiences.

Jitendra Raulo

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