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There are too many websites online today. Stand out from the crowd with a stunning website by Aarav Infotech's Web Design Services. We don't just create a website to be placed online. Our endeavour is to build an engaging space owned by your business online. Websites are important for small and large businesses alike.

If you are an eCommerce business, web design is indispensable to you. You might lose out on customers just because it is not user-friendly. Not only do we take care of the website's look and feel, but our UX designers also create an enriching user experience. Our experts think from the customer's point-of-view for the best website design. This helps our web design company to create websites that are easier to navigate and lead the customer to desired user actions.

What makes your website valuable?

Don't just get your website designed. Customers come to your website looking for something of value. It can be a utility such as an online calculator of returns or information that can add value to their lives.

You should be able to give them the list of services clearly without cluttering the page with too much of data. You might be a business with lots of resources for a specific target audience. A search function on your web page can help your target audience to find the relevant data they are looking for.

You may want to connect with visitors and collect a database of your visitors to send out mailers. For this, your web page will need a newsletter or mailer subscription section. If you are a creative professional or company, you need a designer website with a portfolio of images displaying your works. Every customer has a different requirement.

That's not all, some customers will want a simple and sophisticated design while others will want fun web pages with loads of colour. We as a web design company, understand these wants and put forward our suggestions in alignment with the latest trends in website design, to give our customers a website that serves their purpose.

Choose a format for your website

Your website deserves a dedicated web designer. Having a website allows you to market your business online and you can generate a high volume of visitors.

Corporate Website Design

We create professional websites for corporates with industry-specialized look & feel. For corporate website design, we inherit cultural esthetic and value orientation for each project.

eCommerce Website Development

Our eCommerce Website Developments are easy-to-navigation, highly scalable, fully mobile compatible and packed with most eCommerce industry features. We ensure the checkout experience make your visitor a repeated buyer.

Personal Website Design

Passion Orientation is crucial for a Personal Website. We ensure your profession reflects in your personal branding website. Let us make you a brand.

Blogging Website

Don't let go of your readers due to the complexity of your website. We create blog website design that compliments your brand persona and attracts readers while easy to interact.

Service/Product Portfolio

Showcase your products or services the way it attracts your visitors. We build portfolio websites of your works or your products/services the most effective.

Web Portal Development

If you are planning to launch a custom-developed multi-featured web portal, Aarav Infotech is the right agency to work with. Our experienced developers will convert your dream project into reality.

How do we design the best website?

As a web design company, we create websites that are easier to navigate and lead the customer to desired user actions.

Page Layout

We create simplified yet stunning page layouts. Our team creates a website which is accessible in all screen size so your website visitors can easily interact with your site, no matter what device they are using. 

SEO Friendly

From the initial planning stages to design and development, as a reputed SEO Agency we help you with the best solutions in every stage of web design considering SEO friendly aspects. 

Motion Graphics

We use subtle motion graphics as per client needs. The motion graphics that we create is designed to impress and attract people. They are also formatted to engage audiences more deeply and to build long term relations.


Our website codes are structured for quick and easy revisions. It will make it easier to manage all of the data and help organize the codes in ways that could manage.

Blog Integration

We ensure that blog integration will have additional entry points for organic traffic. We help you get new visitors by using relevant information and keeping a steady stream of high-quality articles. 

Social & Chat integration

We do integrate social and chat with every website so that the connectivity of your website will be completed and your visitors can communicate with you on the most preferred mode. Also, being socially connected is part of marketing strategy. nowadays. 


We will creat website for you that is easy to use and will make you stand apart from the crowd. Moreover, each and every aspect you want to add will be taken into consideration and work upon. It will generate the biggest conversion. 

Inquiry form Integration

It will get more leads to your page and help visitors to get information that they require. It makes easy for customers to contact and ask about their queries and get a perfect solution to their problems. 

How do things work at Aarav Infotech
How do things work

at Aarav Infotech?

From the initial planning stages to design and development, we help you with the best solutions in every stage of the web design process. With our professional web designers, you will get the best marketing tool as a website.

Initially, we do Web Project Consultation to conclude the project expectations leading to research and strategy preparation. The entire strategy is made for your website so that we can create an SEO Friendly and best website for you.

Design Wireframes are made on how you want your website to look, accordingly, we design concepts. Our designs go beyond the graphics and visual presentation to get the desired “click” from your customers!

The development phase consists of the coding part, which handles the database interaction with the frontend.

After all, the planning and implementation are done we test the website's credibility to ensure there are no errors and if there are any it can be rectified.

The most disregarded aspects of launching a website are properly testing. At Aarav Infotech, we have testing checklists and team in place to ensure the qualitative output.

Post-launch of a web project, we do provide FREE support for the proposed duration where our technical and maintenance experts will take care of course corrections and improvements. Our Automated CRM handles all your support queries.

How can a

website impact your business?

If you are looking for a hassle free, stress free web designing experience, Aarav Infotech is the place to be!

High Conversion

Our aim is to design a website that is liked by the users and converts well.

User Engagement

We build websites that which have 100% genuine content that makes users stick around, absorb, and convert.

Gain Customer Trust

Our well-crafted web design ensures gaining and retaining customer trust with its effective content alignment.

SEO Benefits

We will design a website that is optimized for the search engine, that increases the visibility of your brand.

Challenges Competitors

If you are looking to be on the top value of your market, get maximal mileage from your website and make it attractive using the latest trends. That's where Aarav Infotech helps you.

Brand Identity Building

Our website design work not only convey what you offer but also the values that you represent for. The perfect value alignment will build your brand identity.

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Why Aarav Infotech

for Web Design Services?

Aarav Infotech is a reputed web design company. We put together the following factors that create the best website design



We create a comprehensive time-bound project plan after studying your brand and your precise business needs. Our team follows a personalized and consultative approach to your web design requirements.



We plan the design from the user's point-of-view. Because for us, great web design harmonizes the right colours, the right layout and structured codes to maximize leads and conversions. Our web content is crisp and to the point.



We have a great team of business managers, web designers, developers and content professionals. Our talented team pours in their creativity and technical knowledge in every project we undertake, resulting in impressive websites.



We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified digital marketing company. To ensure quality control, we fix issues as they happen and regularly check the website internally for any kinks that might affect its performance.



Our expertise comes from several years of experience in delivering innovative website designs for different kinds of businesses. We can solve design challenges and technical issues easily with our experts.



Every step of our process is geared towards maximizing your business objectives by offering your customers an engaging, interactive and valuable experience. We discuss with clients to understand their exact requirements.

The advantages

of choosing Aarav infotech.

Our endeavour is to grow ahead with clients by creating commendable and award-winning works in web design through our creativity and innovation.

Experienced Designers

We have a great team of web designers, developers and content professionals. Our talented team pours in their creativity and technical knowledge in every project.

Trending Technology

Blending our experience with latest technology and trending style, our bespoke website design services are aimed to boost your conversions.

Quality Testing

A site can be customized as per the needs of the client to present a natural snapshot of their business as similar as it is in reality. At Aarav Infotech, we study your profile better and build a distinct idea that leads to the development of a well quality site.

Process In-place

Every step of our process is geared towards maximizing your business objectives by offering your customers an engaging, interactive and valuable experience.

Robust Project Planning

We create a comprehensive time-bound project plan after studying your brand and your precise business needs. At Aarav Infotech, we have a team of ace professionals with a passion for creating an interesting project plan.

100% Satisfaction

We have 1000+ clients over 9+ years who are fully satisfied.

Our work speaks louder

Listen what our client says

we are grateful for the kind word from our values clients

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Web Design Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about website design are listed below.

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01. How long you will take to complete my website?
The timescale of a website design project is often dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will endeavor to meet it for you.
02. I want to design my website, what is the process?
We will discuss your project requirement first and according to your need, we will share the proposal. Post commercials, our design team will start working on the project post getting the initial requirement i.e. logo, profile, preferences, etc.
03. Do I need to buy domain or hosting for my website?
Yes, you can. However, we do everything for you. Aarav Infotech is a one-stop-shop for all your web requirements.
04. How much will it cost?
Depending upon the type of site you require. A basic site will cost approx $200. We have to treat each site on its individual requirements.
05. Do I need to pay any amount in advance?
Generally, we ask for a 50% advance for smaller projects and 25% incase of larger projects.
06. What are the payment modes you accept?
Indian Customers can pay us by online payment gateway, cheques, demand drafts. Deposit the payment to any of the ICICI Bank Branch or ATM across INDIA. For international customers, payment mode would be online via our payment gateways.
07. Will I have ownership of my Website?
That’s one of the major benefits of the program. You will own your site and we will just be managers for you.
08. Can you design sites that require passwords to access?
Yes. We can password protect content in specified folders of your web site.
09. Do you use flash?
Yes, we use Flash and animations to make a web site more appealing.
10. Will I find my website on the search engines?
Yes, we always design websites to be search engine friendly.

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