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Millions of users search on Google • 90% smart phone users utilize mobile search 40% online users search for location-based products or services • 95% internet users search for local businesses

What is Local SEO?

Do you have a business with consumers restricted to a certain region? If yes, then Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a perfect solution to reach a geographically defined audience like yours.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your ranking in search results. Local SEO takes it a step further. It is the use of optimization techniques to improve location-based search engine results that help you reach your local target audience and help them find you when they search specifically for the location you cater to. Local SEO optimizes your website for a specific city, region or location, making your products/services more relevant to your specific target audience.


Don't you think, the name of your business in the popular local reviews will make more sense than a review on a page visited by people from another part of the world where your products or services are not available? Exactly, Local SEO makes optimization more relevant for your business.

We help you utilize the local pages, maps and local business entries for search engine results that display local content when users ask for services in certain places.

Do not lose out on customers who are internet-savvy.

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Why Local SEO is important for small businesses?

Local SEO helps you connect better with local customers. We utilize Search Engine Optimization for Google and other search engines to reach your local target audience.


With SEO, users in general, are attracted to your products/services but with local SEO, you can reach online users who reside in the area where your products are available or your service is operational. When your strategy is location-specific, your conversion rates are better which means more users get converted to future clients.


Local SEO optimizes your website as well as web content for local search. Additionally, we also do checks to fix local content on mobile-friendly pages for maximum optimization. Geo-targeting is used for defining location but with local SEO, your pages are optimized for local results even without geo-targeting.


Imagine locals finding your business in search results frequently. It will create a buzz and increase the awareness of your business locally, thus leading to more customers. Using Local SEO techniques, we help you to tackle the competition with increased brand awareness in your business location.


To make your website more stronger, optimization will ensure that organic search results as well as local search results will show more citations of your business. Presence of your business details in more business information pages, attracts more potential customers towards you and eventually creates a stronger customer base to take your business to the next level.

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The service which enhances and improves your local visibility
  • Website Usability & Conversion Optimization
  • On Page Optimization
  • Content Marketing & Link Building
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Content optimized for targeted keyword
  • Optimizing Crawling & Indexing
  • Content & Links Optimization
  • Be Safe from Algorithm Updates
  • Monthly Reporting & Active Support

Benefits of Local SEO

for Local Shops, Business Outlets, Local Ecommerce Websites and more…
Be visible where you should be. We increase your visibility in online spaces and conversations relevant to your business.
Every initiative should be to build your brand. Because brand building will increase brand awareness and strengthen the brand identity.
You know where your customers are. Define their location and target the right users who can become potential clients.
You earn when a sale takes place. Increase your brand equity with a consumer's interest in your offering getting converted to sales.

Local Search Engine Process

The Strategy that makes us win the race

1. Analysis

Get to know your market online. Create and test new strategies. Based on the performance analysis of these strategies, identify the areas that need more attention to strengthen your online presence. We use high-end analytic tools to gain insights about your local customer behaviour. Our experts make it easier for you to understand the high value data and utilize it to churn out strategies that will lead to more impactful decisions. Our experts decode the data that can be further utilized for better online and offline marketing and branding initiatives.

2. Keyword

Keyword Research is extremely important for boosting website rankings. It tells you about the words or phrases used by your customers while searching for your product or services. The right keywords are carefully selected by us as per the keyword's market demand and the relevance to the brand. These keywords are then incorporated in SEO to derive the desired results.

3. Technical

Search Engine Optimization strategies that are used beyond the scope of content shall come under Technical SEO. It involves indexing your website, making it easier for search engine spiders to crawl and find it. Our technical experts work on these aspects to fine tune your Local SEO process.

4. Onsite

Onsite optimization is done by enhancing the codes of your website and making it easier for search engines to find your website. Our experts work on web page aspects such as HTML tags, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density to enhance the content quality of the website while smartly optimizing it for search engines.

5. Content

Content is extremely important in SEO. Any kind of duplicate content can badly affect your rankings. We use original, plagiarism-free content to make sure that keywords are incorporated in the content in the right manner without keyword stuffing or other unethical content practices.

6. Link Building

While all the efforts in Local SEO are to remove bad links and optimize content, good links have to be added to increase the citation of your website in authentic places. Link Building creates such authentic links and places them in the right places. We remove duplicate links or merge them while cleaning up irrelevant links related to your business.

7. Monitoring

You can do everything to build a good online profile and clean-up the bad ones. But the world wide web is a constantly changing world and every day a huge amount of data is exchanged or posted online. Monitoring is the vital step that checks the health of your online presence using high-end tools and expertise to identify places where your strategies are performing well and where they are not. Through monitoring, you can understand your target audience and roll-out new strategies as per their behaviour.

No doubt, search engine results are affected by geo-location. Most of the time customers trust local searches for accurate information of a business. It also helps avoid clashes with similar company names and reach the target customers for businesses. With our Local SEO services, your online presence becomes much better with trustworthy information about your business in top business listings locally; better customer connect and most of all, your visibility exactly at the places where your potential clients look for you.

Search Engines appreciate companies like us who follow good SEO practices for optimizing client websites. We care about your business and do not over-optimize it. We arouse interest in your business, not just use content with keywords. We have the experience of working with local and global clients. So, we understand various markets and Local SEO makes it more easier for us to help our clients to make their business stand out in a big world flooded with products and services.

Now that you know all about Local SEO, why not utilize its potential to grow your business. Local SEO is easier to achieve than Global SEO. With increase in traffic, there are more chances of getting more customers and achieving greater sales figures.

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