How Often Should I Update My Website?

How often should I update my website


One of the questions almost everyone that has a website asks is, how often should one update a website? When your company platform is designed correctly, the highly effective marketer will be interesting enough. So you should ask yourself if your website is your most effective marketer. You will address exclusive deals and discounts, ways of growing current customers' revenues, and ways to profit from business shifts. So think of and connect with your website as your most effective marketer and update it to suit your company objectives and preferences.

Maintaining and updating a website is essential whenever there is anything worth updating. That is the usual logic. Any security gap that may have cropped up over time needs to be fixed immediately. Similarly, new software and programs have to be updated on the website as well to stay in tune with the times. 

There are three types of website updates:

  1. Content Update
  2. Layout / Design Update
  3. Technical Update

three types of website update

#1 Content Update

Content update is an essential part of your website/blog/store performance. Up-to-date content attracts more new visitors. Keeping the websites up-to-date and always having some fresh new content to deliver to customers is important for proper marketing.

How frequently should I update content?

  • If your focus is to rank higher on Google search, you should consider updating 2-3 times a month. Once a week is perfect.
  • If you are a blogger, then it depends on your content calendar. However, the general frequency is one blog per day. 

#2 Layout / Design Update

Layout or design update is the process of redesigning or redeveloping your whole website with a new theme and design concept. Search engines are happy if the websites offer something new from time to time because it keeps the sites on top of the listing and makes sure that the customers always get what they want.

When should I consider:

  • When you feel that your layout or design does not represent your brand.
  • When the design does not support browsers, devices, and resolutions.
  • If the look & feel seems outdated.

Generally, people consider redesigning their website every 3-5 years.  

#3 Technical Update

Staying on top and constantly keeping the websites updated and threat-free can be a huge challenge for any website owner. So for any website what any business owner should remember is the threat of malware which only constant updating can prevent. The technical update is all about updating your core files, plugins, extensions, patches, and other security checks to make your website safe and secure. Usually, it should be scheduled concerning your IT team.

How often should I update my website core and plugins?

  • If your website is in WordPress, consider updating the core as soon as the new version is available. The monthly update is mandatory.
  • For WordPress plugins, do it every month.
  • Security Patches are also an important aspect of technical updation to keep your website safe from hackers and malware. 

The Benefits of keeping your website Up to date

the benefits of keeping your website up-to-date

Attracts new readers: Website maintenance involves creating an interesting look, adding must-read articles, and increasing readability, which in turn affects the number of viewers. It always ensures that you have the relevant information available which keeps it in tune with the current trends.

Make a better impression: Websites carry the “last updated” date which makes a good impression on viewers and clients. In addition to the latest technology or beauty trends, well-researched inputs can make a difference. Outdated information on a website can seriously harm the reputation and put off clients who are always looking for new people and updated information.

Value Contribution: If your website was built using a content management system then you can update your content. But if such is not the case then hiring the services of a web maintenance agency can be a good idea. It offers you expertise and helps in leveraging strength because in all probability it lets you do the work while someone takes care of your website.

What to Update

Website Maintenance involves updating the information present on the website. Blogs need to be updated with new ones all the time because it helps in building credibility and presence in search engines. The news section on a website informs people regarding all the information about an organization including the number of employees etc. The “Home” page contains one-liners regarding all the changes made on the website and directs the viewers towards the same. The “About” page is like a virtual business card and contains the dates regarding when and how the organization was formed and how many people are on its board and other information. If it is not updated properly then the age of the company may be several years behind. The “Products and Services” section is very important and helps in increasing the number of clients and traffic. “Testimonials and Case Studies” raise the credit towards a website and should be updated accordingly.


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Key Takeaways

  • Your website markets your products and services so it should be effective.
  • Three types of website updates are there- content, layout/design, and technical.
  • It is advised to update the content of your website once a week. The blogs should be updated once a day.
  • Layout and design are updated generally every 3-5 years to give a fresh look to your website.
  • Technical update means updating the core files, plugins, extensions, patches, and other security checks to make your website safe and secure. The general repetition period for technical updates is once every month.
  • Website maintenance updates the content of a website which eventually attracts new readers.
  • The reputation of a business can be amplified by the impression it leaves on its visitors. The more updated the website the better the impression.
  • Website maintenance services can deal with the issues related to maintenance in a more efficient manner because of expertise which is why it is better to hire them instead of doing it on your own.
  • Sections that are updated under website maintenance are blogs, the news section, the home page, the about page, the products and services section, testimonials, and case studies.


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