How ChatGPT can help you with your SEO strategies?


How ChatGPT can help you with your SEO strategies?

ChatGPT has stormed the Digital marketing industry since its launch. Many Digital marketers are leveraging chatGPT not only for content but for other tasks as well.

There are many aspects to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like on-page optimization, quality content and also technical SEO. A good digital marketer uses chatGPT for many kinds SEO work.

To effectively use ChatGPT for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can follow these steps:

1. Keyword Analysis:

ChatGPT can help you find relevant keywords in an instant. Let’s say you own a flower shop in New York. You can ask chatGPT to provide you with relevant keywords relevant to "flower shop in new york town".


Not quite what you were looking for? It happens.

Remember the more precise information you give chatGPT to get your answer, the more satisfactory answers you get.

So let’s try another one with a little modification.


See? Now you can select some of the relevant keywords for your SEO strategy.

2. Target Keywords for a Specific Page:

Let’s say you want to create a webpage dedicated to white roses. We will learn how to write content in the next step. But before that, you need to find which keywords people use to purchase white roses in Newark city so that you can target those keywords and include some in your page dedicated to white roses.

chatgpt target keywords for pages

Now people are sure to find your website for your targeted keywords.

3. Most Popular Content Creation:

From now on let's use chatGPT as how a pro digital marketer uses it. I need content for one of my products. I will use more information about what type of content I need.

chatgpt content

Seeing the result you can guess that this is an attractive piece of content written solely for the user who is a flower shop owner.

Although the content is good, you should rewrite fresh content based on this output. Otherwise, it will be regarded as AI-generated or plagiarized content.

4. Easy On-page Optimization:

ChatGPT helps optimize texts for your website's on-page elements. Let’s see an example.

chatgpt on-page

You can ask chatGPT for different titles, descriptions or headings to choose from. Even better if you include your targeted keywords to include in your on-page optimization elements.

5. Creating FAQs:

Creating FAQs serves 2 purposes. One is to help your site visitors find useful answers related to your business or products and second, it can be accepted by Google's People Also Ask (PAA) SERP feature if more people are searching for the same question and you have a quality answer.

Let's see the below example.

 chatgpt FAQ

Now that you have related questions, you can select some and answer them on your website page.

6. Correct your Grammar and Spelling Easily:

Yes! Just write in chatGPT: Correct the typos in the text "write your entire text".

ChatGPT will check and rectify your spelling or grammatical errors in the given text.

7. Schema Markup Generation:

Schema markup is one of the important factors to target for SERP. It is nothing but structured data/codes for Google or other search engines to help understand the intent behind the specific content.

ChatGPT can give you schema markup structured data instantly. Schema markups can include

  • FAQs
  • Prices
  • Ratings and reviews

chatgpt Schema markup


Remember, while ChatGPT can provide valuable assistance in your SEO efforts, it's just another tool to use for SEO and not a source of facts. As it is a new product, there are plenty of expected errors and bugs to work out as it grows. At the same time, its capabilities will surely evolve with time and unlock more capabilities for us all in our work. But now, be careful how you use chatGPT.

If you want expert SEO services, you can always depend on us. Unlike chatGPT, you can always talk to our SEO team members for any issue as they are always available 24*7 for any problem with your SEO marketing efforts or to suggest proven SEO strategies for your unique nature of business.

Jitendra Raulo

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