4 Techniques to Sell Your Product Through Social Media

4 Techniques to Sell Your Product Through Social Media

Social media provides the opportunity to boost your sales if you know how to use it. It is a very good way to research a market, initiate conversation and enhance sales. Social media will give you the chance to do social listening; thereby it not only helps in generating new leads but also helps in building close relationships with your existing clients. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blog platforms have been reportedly proven to be beneficial for salespersons. Your eCommerce presence should aim to build around these social media platforms where a major chunk of the global population invests significant amounts of their time in social networking associated with their interests and relationships. The following 4 tips can help you in selling products through social media, and helping in social media marketing:

1: Find out the best way to connect with your prospects Before joining any social network for selling products you should be aware of your client base. You should determine whether your presence on a particular social networking platform is fit for you or not. You should know your core customers, for instance, whether they are professionals, teenagers, or simply mothers who are homemakers. Each category of clients would engage more in particular social networking, different from one another. If you find that your clients are engaging in popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then you should decide the best space to connect and interact with them.

2: Content should be meaningful and reasonably sized Content should be unique and attractive. Using visuals is a good idea. Depending on your client base you should choose the formats and frequency of your posts accordingly. Your aim should be to engage with your customers. You create a personal account; interact with people to understand the norms and expectations of the social networking community. You should better keep in mind that each social network works differently.LinkedIn has a professional environment and can serve as a platform for sales of the business to business products and services. On the other hand, Twitter can be used for all kinds of sales.

3: Build your network It is best to start with creating your account and interacting with others and creating a trustworthy presentation of yourself. However, if your comments are overzealous to drive people to your site, chances are high that you are going to lose potential customers. You should look for social sites which are talking about stuff and using keywords related to your industry. Engage with them by replying to relevant questions and sharing their posts that interest you. You should be able to contribute to your prospects’ conversations, earn their trust and build up a network.

4: Your connections should boomerang back to your business Ultimately your efforts are to sell your products and not just chit-chat with your prospects. But when you are using social media, relationships matter the most if you want to do the selling. Listen to what people are saying, and you might just come up with the thing they are searching for. Like on Twitter you can look up the trend in your prospect’s tweets if there is anything that could trigger your sale you can contact the prospect mentioning you saw the tweet. You can look up SMO services available for proper guidance in enhancing your sales on social media.

Jitendra Raulo

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