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Best results with a PPC management services

Paid Advertising Management Services to suit your needs - Improve your Conversion.

PPC Advertisement and marketing can provide instant results when handled by experts. 41% of the traffic is driven by successful PPC campaigns. Search Engine Marketing is one of the fastest and perhaps the best method of getting your website ranked on top of search engine results.

It is one of the most cost-effective solutions for a business to drive highly motivated traffic to their websites. With an able PPC Management service, you’ll be able to reach out to your target audience and pay only for the clicks you get, thereby reducing the total advertising expenditure.

Reach your target audience with our effective PPC Management Service

The perfect way to generate lead with a paid ad campaign.

Google Search Ads management

Google Search Ads management

Help user discover you easily by using our smart search ads management campaign and generate more & more leads and increase your business multifold.

Display Ad Management

Display Ad Management

Generate Quality traffic from top website & increase user engagement to your website by using our display ads management technique & tactics.

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are the best way to serve users of different age groups using various social media platforms and their features. We at Aarav Infotech know the best way to use them at its optimal level.

Re-Marketing Ads

Re-Marketing Ads

Remarketing ads are the best way to connect with the users who previously visited your website again & again. It plays an important role in the overall increases in conversions and sales of the website.

Google Shopping ads Management (PLA)

Google Shopping ads Management (PLA)

Aarav Infotech offers results-oriented Google Shopping or Product listing ads optimization services for shopping ad campaigns.

Local Search Ads

Local Search Ads

Get more calls, store visits and many more with our professional local ads service that helps you to learn more and more about your business.

Explore Our PPC Management Features

As a Professional PPC Advertising company, we create a PPC Campaign that includes accurate targeting, keyword analysis and ad grouping by using best bid optimizing & reporting techniques.

Keyword Analysis

PPC keyword discovery and management are crucial to any successful PPC campaign. As, its the first step that, we use before doing pay-per-click advertising. We help you to find relevant keywords so it helps to drive targeted traffic to your company's website.

Keyword and Ad Grouping

Keywords & Ad grouping are the most important step in any PPC campaign to be successful. Basically, an ad group contains one or more ads that share similar target. You set a bid or price to be used when an ad group's keywords trigger an ad to appear. We help to separate the keywords with the ad copy that share similar targets.

Ad Copy Write

Ad copy is a first that user sees before clicking to your ad. We at Aarav Infotech write ad copy by targeting the right user group, interest, demographic and most important on the basis of products & service you offer.

Bid Optimize

Google ads include various bid strategies, we at Aarav Infotech help you to tailor the best strategies depending on which networks your campaign is targeting & also on the basis of what your focus is on; Either is on getting clicks, impressions, conversions, or views.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is one of the most crucial parts that gives an actual image of how the ad campaign has been performing and the results for the same. Through our PPC management services, we help you get significant traffic.

Review & Reporting

We believe in consistent review and tracking of the growth and hereby provide precise monthly reports to our clients.

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Process of PPC advertising and marketing
What process do we follow?

To transform and help your business grow

From Keyword Analysis to Reporting

Keywords Analysis and Research: this is the first & crucial part of any PPC campaign to be successful. To find relevant keywords so it helps to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Keywords and Ad Grouping: By using our years of paid advertising services experience, We selected the best keywords that can help clients to get more conversion & traffic.

Targeting: We help you in doing proper targeting based on your product & services you offer. With proper interests, behaviors, demographics, and topic targeting it can help you get more and more audience to your website.

Ad Copy Writing: By combing keyword research, competitive research, we will write top-performing ads for your ad campaigns.

Landing Page Optimization: For paid advertisements, we make attractive landing pages with a compelling copy to attract the page visitors to perform the necessary action.

Keywords Bid Optimization: Bid optimization is a complicated and time-consuming process. We find the best keywords and do bid optimization based on your budget & focus of your campaign.

Conversion Tracking Setup: For doing any paid advertisements, conversion tracking is a process; Which shows the actual image of how the ad campaign has been performing. By doing proper conversion tracking setup its help to get real-time insights.

Performance Review and Reporting: Our PPC Services experts generate campaign reports that provide clients with a clear picture for actions to raise the performance of the campaign.

Benefits for our PPC and advertising services

Take advantage of our effective Search Engine Marketing Services

Reach out to potential customers.

Reach out to the right audience

PPC advertising helps you market your products/services to the right audience for your brand.

Instant results

Getting to reach the right and the potential audience would be led to immediate and quicker results.

Creates a brand image

Greater visibility on a search engine would build a brand image for your business.

Get more sales, revenue

Paid advertising can help you reach right and potential customers that ultimately drive sales and generate revenue for your business

Increased traffic

PPC campaign creates in impactful and ever-increasing traffic on your website.

PPC services for remarkable growth of your business!

Get instant result with Google AdWord Campaign and appear on top of SERP while generating higher revenue.

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What Aarav Infotech Promises?

With our PPC management services

Discover magical results for your business.


Campaign Management

Implementing new strategy offers wherever needed so that you get maximum conversion.


Value Adds Designing Services

Our in-house designers create stunning landing pages to maximum ad campaign results.


Advanced Support

We offer an expert solution with our support team via phone, email or customer portal.



Discuss the progress of the ad campaign and share detailed reports with you on campaign results.

How Our PPC Management Company is Different

PPC management to perfection is our goal

Top Advantages that we provide!

Customer support

We have a great team of PPC Campaign expertise that provides premium on-time customer support to solve all your issues.

Advice from experienced professional 

Our team of experienced PPC professional that is always available to give any advice.

Detailed audit and analysis

Our PPC experts believe in detailed audit and analysis to create extraordinary results and growth for your business.

Maximum ROI

With our PPC Management Services, we advise choosing the right ad that can help maximum ROI.

Consistent Monitoring

We offer consistent monitoring for your PPC ad campaign through review and reporting.

Intermediate Keyword Optimize

We do optimize keywords intermediately to gian more traffic after gaining the project performance insights.

Get Visibility on Google's First Three Results

Our team of PPC expert are here to help with your PPC strategy.

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