5 Trends That You Should Know For Greater Conversion Rate In 2020

5 trends that you should know for greater conversion rate in 2020

2019 is about to end and new trends are in to prepare marketers for a higher conversion rate in 2020. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has evolved in the last two decades. With newer technologies, the focus has shifted to offering personalized experiences and more valuable interactions for customers. Your digital investments will require fine-tuned strategies to stay ahead in the innovation-driven marketing atmosphere of 2020.

Today, there are millions of data points for marketers to utilize for optimizing conversion strategies. A quantitative approach for CROs will help online businesses to make the most of their digital investments. The adoption of Business Intelligence will give an edge to businesses looking for pushing their growth in 2020.

Why is CRO still important?

Conversion Rate Optimization makes every effort in marketing more valuable with some fine-tuning. The trends may change but there is always scope for optimization which can improve your ROI considerably. For example, a landing page can be amped up with a minor optimization by the UX designer, and thus, it helps to give a boost to the lead conversion process.

Earlier, the improvements in customer interaction majorly involved web or mobile interfaces. Today, the challenges are different. There are touch and voice devices that have to perform. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Home are the new avenues for striking a conversation with your target audience. CRO is needed to enhance the taps, the clicks, the voice inputs, and the scrolls.

How does CRO work?

Conversion for your brand means the completion of the desired action by a target customer. This desired action can be a webinar registration, a coupon redemption, a newsletter subscription, or something else that’s relevant to your business. CRO is a process that systematically makes changes in your marketing strategies to improve the percentage of your conversions.

How to improve CRO?

Some of the methods used by digital marketing strategists to improve CRO for your business are as follows:

  • Test your landing pages to find the one that converts more.
  • Provide tools to your sales and marketing team to improve their workflow and enable them to respond faster while communicating with possible leads.
  • Optimize your communications with personalized and relevant messages.
  • Create visible CTA buttons on your landing pages.

Past trends of CRO

Competition among brands will increase but the ones who have been adapting to new digital marketing trends can cope up. In recent years, marketing automation came in to refine the CRO process. Better automation systems are available today enabling you to enhance engagements which translates to better lead conversions.

Social searches had become a trend last year. If you notice, social media has become more like a news channel now. People search for the latest news on social media and so, you need to update your latest news on your social media channels. You still need to be omnipresent to be able to have a connection with your customers or potential customers across touchpoints.

Moving on, let’s look at the top 5 trends that you need to know for maximized conversion rates in 2020.

New Trends that are introduced in CRO

Here are some of the latest trends that will benefit your CRO efforts in 2020:

Trend #1 Create multiple versions of your website

For brands operating in various markets, building a separate website for a specific demographic profile can be invaluable.

Trend #2 Interactive experiences with CRO

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) continue to grow in the marketing space. Consumers enjoy interactive experiences which have the potential to drive conversion rates for brands.

Trend #3 Privacy and CRO

In recent times, strengthening the privacy policies for the safety of online users has become more important with the new regulatory updates such as the GDPR policy, PECR, and others. To win the trust of online users and to help businesses with regulatory standards, CRO strategists now offer optimizations that ensure the alignment of brands with applicable privacy regulatory guidelines.

Trend #4 Customer Experience is the priority

Gone are the days when you could lure customers with just price discounts. Today’s customer enjoys shopping. If your competitor delivers a superior customer experience at a slightly higher price point, your customers may shift brands just for a better experience.


As per the research conducted by Smart Insights, e-mail marketing helps e-commerce businesses with an average order conversion rate of 4.29%. Personalized content marketing helps you engage with more customers through e-mail marketing and succeed by creating micro-moments.

Trend #5 Optimize for voice

Now, consumers use voice commands to search in search engines. Other than strategies for SEO, it has become necessary to come up with CRO methods that take into consideration the role of voice-empowered devices.

What are these trends all about?

Everything changes with time and so does the digital marketing landscape. You need to know the CRO trends to keep yourself updated with what’s going on right now in the CRO sphere and how you can benefit from adopting the relevant trends in your industry.

How will these trends help you?

There are new trends that emerge every year. You can think about how the CRO trends for 2020 can be included in your marketing plan to reach your business goals in the coming year. Last year, your marketing team worked on making mobile-friendly experiences. Next year, you may have to create a feature that allows your customers to interact with your brand using the voice features on their latest smartphones or smartwatches.

The Before and After difference in CRO



As per Smart Insights research, paid search delivered the highest conversion rate for businesses in 2019. You may have plans in place for converting leads to customers or meeting your particular marketing goals. Conversion Rate Optimization has benefitted your business earlier and even now, it is extremely useful. The only difference is that the CRO strategies that were used yesterday will not be as valuable today.

There are better tools and technologies available today to improve the CRO process. Customer expectations have changed. Your CRO specialist will now need to create a new optimization plan to connect with the new-age tech-savvy users who aspire for the best services at their fingertips with a simple voice command.


To conclude, the latest trends in CRO are exciting and challenging. If you can get these implemented systematically in your marketing plans, you are likely to enjoy a better conversion rate. Be creative and instead of worrying about the challenges that new trends bring in, explore them smartly with expert marketers.

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