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Our Web application development services are solution oriented…Develop business websites with strategists with latest standardized tools

A web Application or Web App is an application which renders to users via various web browsers being in a Web Server. It uses markup languages to form its appearance such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. Web Applications are commonly developed using two type of scripting one is client-side script (HTML, Javascript, etc.) and the other is server-side script (PHP, ASP, etc). The client-side script deals with the look or presentation part of the application while the server-side script deals with back-end stuff like storing and retrieving the information securely to/from the server.

Aarav Infotech’s Web App Development Features

  1. Highly Scalable & Usable considering your business Goal & Requirement
  2. Smartly Intelligent  And Open Application Structure Leading to High Productive Solutions & Results
  3. Ease Of Application Maintainability enabling the Administrator Reduce Maintenance Cost
  4. Fully Transparent Development Process backed with Seamless Communication & Understanding
  5. Quality QA Process throughout the entire phases of the Web App Development
  6. Smooth Deployment with Support & Maintenance

Our Web Application Development Approach

Our Main & Foremost approach is Client Oriented Services with seamless communication & Complete Transparency of Activities. Our goal is to make long-term relationship which reflects in our services covering every aspects of the Application Development.

1. Preparation of Roadmap Documentation: This the very initial stage where we discuss the project with our prospective client and define the objectives & goals of the development. Further the report will be sent to our analysts who search through our archive if such project already has been done or not. And they come up with a estimated cost & time frame of the development.

2. Technology Consultation & Selection: The documentation prepared is the blueprint for platform selection, development structure & framework. If you do not have any preferred technology we will suggest for the best one or have any concern with current deployed technology we will make a mix of new technologies. Our R&D Team always researches for new proven tools & frameworks for the development process so that our customers will unitize & leverage most innovation features of latest technology.

3. Visual Guide, User Interface & Wireframe Design: A nature of a successful Web Application is to implement web user interface with interaction & accessibility while smooth functioning and proven record of ease of use. So in this phase we create visual guide, wireframe or simply sketching out the user interface and interaction of the application by our experts.

4. Web Application Development: Once the documents & all above designs forwarded to our development team, the following tasks gets carried out to execute the process:

  1. Creation of Application Architecture & Framework
  2. Design the Database Structure
  3. Development & Customization of Modules, Classes & Libraries
  4. Completion of Development with fully functional – Version 1.0

5. Testing for Quality Assurance: Our rigorous quality assurance testing helps in production of most secure, reliable, scalable and stable web application. Through the process all the bugs are addressed and fixes are done.

6. Deployment: As soon as the development phase gets completed, Aarav Infotech Development Team conducts the procedures to deploy the application for product environment or test environment and test it for final pre-launch capability.

7. Maintenance, Support & Improvement: Aarav Infotech provides uninterrupted maintenance support pos product launch. Also we do implements in the application for enhancement while maintaining zero interruption I running application.

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