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SEO Case Study For Surface treated Pigments

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SEO Case Study For Surface treated Pigments
Koel Colours Private Limited

surfacetreatedpigments.com     National SEO

We were working on SEO for Koel Colours for a long time. The client approached us to develop this brand website targeting a specific product and do SEO for it. We have designed the website and started working on the SEO project. Sooner the project worked well, we got a good amount of traffic though we were targeting the niche audience of a particular type of search. 


Koel colors wanted to get more business and visibility from the query " surface treated pigments". With this knowledge, we have built a new responsive website targeting the same query and started with keyword research, identifying the phrases for other pages. 

The Strategy

Our primary goal was to improve the number of conversion by focusing on on-site engagement. We conducted full audits – both technical and strategic. We have created landing pages for keywords and these landing pages started receiving organic traffic for the search queries like" lauroyl lysine in cosmetics", "alkyl silane", "alkyl silane treated pigments".

The Results

After continuous site structure and content improvement to the website, it started showing the online presence gradually with popular keywords and within less than 6 months.

Keyword Rankings Achieved
Sr. # SEO Project URL Keyword Position Search Page Search Ingine Location/Country Copy Google Search URL
Sr. # SEO Project URL Keyword Position Search Page Search Ingine Location/Country Copy Google Search URL
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