SEO Case study : Aakash Group

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Aakash Group Business Goals:
  • Develop and distribute creative and exciting off-site SEO content that will deliver measurable ROI.
  • Increase organic search traffic and revenue through on-site optimizations.
  • Increase overall ROI through integrated SEO efforts.
Aakash Group is a construction company that provides construction services all over India. This company had a relatively new website that was unranked on the major search engines. As a result the website received very little traffic from new prospects. The website had very few inbound links and the website's coding was not competitive.
The Strategy
After signing up for full SEO service, Aarav Infotech team completely reprogrammed the website design & coding. Aarav Infotech content writers wrote keyword-rich articles and added to the website. The greatest help came from our Linking Team - adding high quality inbound links every month.
Keyword Rankings

KeywordsPositionSearch EngineView in SERP
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increase in organic search


increase in total traffic


increase in Social search

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Goal completion

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