Why You Need To Hire An Expert For Wordpress Development Services?

Why You Need To Hire An Expert For Wordpress Development Services

2020 has begun and the online competition among businesses across industries continues to grow. According to WordPress, more than 15.5 billion pages are viewed by over 409 million viewers each month. You can get an edge in your industry and benefit from the business growth opportunities in the online space with the professional approach of WordPress development services. Today, professional WordPress support has become more valuable than ever. Let’s get into the details of understanding why WordPress expertise is needed to stay competitive.

Is knowing WordPress important in 2020?

Many of the world’s leading brand websites are hosted on WordPress. These websites are designed by experts to make them beautiful and functional. WordPress sites are still trending and relevant in 2020 so knowledge of WordPress experts is still useful for businesses.

 How does WordPress work?

WordPress is a content management system powered by PHP and MySQL databases. It is an ideal platform for building e-commerce websites, business websites, and blogs. To create a new website or revamp an existing website on the WordPress platform, you can select from a wide range of customizable themes, plug-ins, and more.

 What is WordPress website development?

WordPress website development involves step-wise actions to build a WordPress website using the numerous tools available for website building. For advanced website development, you may need the expertise of UX/UI designers, coders, SEO specialists, and other experts who can customize assets and functionalities to give you a unique web presence.

Today, based on your product or service offerings, you may need a single-page website or a fully functional e-commerce site with an extensive product catalog. The ease of using the features on your website and your website’s appearance will determine the ROI of your site. Also, competition is stiff and your website visitors can get attracted to other competitor sites with a simple online search.

Although you can quickly set up and install a WordPress website on your own, you may miss out on critical areas when it comes to result-oriented WordPress website development. While developing WordPress websites, you may use themes, widgets, and plugins to build your desired website. Experts of WordPress website development services can give you the perspective and creative ideas to give you a competitive edge. With the support of the experts, your organization can enjoy the capability to display your unique offerings through a clutter-free and intuitive WordPress site.

Why will you need to hire an expert?

Imagine going to a furniture store for home furnishings. If you are not an expert, you may end up buying stuff that might look good but won’t provide functional value for your space. If you decide to customize it later, you’ll have to pay more. If you don’t fix it, you may struggle to use it and won’t get the maximum benefit from your purchase. Similarly, WordPress offers a lot of choices during the design and development phase of sites.

If you hire experts, you will get experienced people on board to tell you which WordPress features, plugins, widgets, and customizations will make sense for your business. Also, choosing the right themes, widgets and plugins will ensure that your site does not slow down or crash due to unwanted installs. Experts also provide WordPress maintenance services to ensure timely installations of security patches and WordPress updates that lead to a seamless browsing experience for your website visitors.

 Past Trends in WordPress

Some of the key trends in WordPress in 2019 that are still valuable are as follows:

  • To attract the growing number of mobile device users, mobile-compatible websites have been on trend.
  • Artificial Intelligence leads to the digital transformation of websites.
  • Augmented Reality (AR)and Virtual Reality (VR) which were trending last year are still being explored for customer engagement and conversions by innovative brands.

Additional new trends that are introduced in WordPress 2020

WordPress trends keep changing every year and in 2020 the following factors will contribute to the development of effective WordPress websites:

  • Website elements

To build appealing websites, use attractive typography and include powerful images on web pages.

  • Innovative themes

VR-optimized themes, multi-purpose themes, etc. are being used to get the most out of WordPress themes.

  • Flexible website builders

With the latest website builders, developers will have more freedom to customize web pages.

 Why Aarav Infotech is an ideal choice for WordPress development services?

Aarav Infotech provides you with the business benefits that only the best WordPress development service companies can deliver. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improve e-commerce sales with comprehensive eCommerce development and strategic customizations.
  • Create personalized experiences and unique themes with the expertise of experienced developers.
  • Update your WordPress with correct plug-in installations and security optimizations through website maintenance services.
  • Enjoy SEO benefits such as improved conversions, better site traffic, etc. with the effective tactics of Aarav’s WordPress SEO specialists.

 Before and after hiring WordPress experts

So, we have gone through the basics of WordPress development and some of the latest trends in WordPress. Now, let’s look at a comparison of your site’s health before you hire WordPress experts and after you hire WordPress experts.


  Before hiring WordPress development experts After hiring WordPress development experts
Site Crashes

You look for a tech company or expert to get your site up and running. The charges will be as per the gravity of the problem.

Your site is built and maintained by WordPress experts who ensure that your site is robust enough to prevent any likely crashes.

Even if there are crashes, your WordPress maintenance service plan will include support for site crashes. In case there is a crash, the WordPress Maintenance company will do everything to get your site up and running at the earliest.

Also, regular site backups are part of WordPress services. So, your most recent data backup will be used to ensure minimum downtime and minimum inconvenience to site users.

Suspicious activity on your WordPress site

You may or may not have dedicated resources for regular monitoring of your WordPress site. You may lose important data if you don’t detect suspicious activity on time.

If you are a business that handles critical information about your users then your data security may get compromised. Also, legal hassles might follow as per the value of the compromised information.

If you hire WordPress development experts, they will work with you to deliver a secure website. They will recommend the security strategy of your WordPress site based on their in-depth knowledge of the latest security features for the WordPress platform.

Trusted website maintenance experts run 24/7 monitoring of your site to ensure that you can take timely measures when suspicious activity is detected.

Site speed

If you find your site to be slow, you’ll try to research solutions and tweak your site pages. However, you may either spend too much of your precious time trying to figure things out or you may end up slowing your site speed even more with ineffective strategies.

WordPress development companies have the best experts who understand the structure of WordPress sites. They will know exactly what needs to be done to achieve the optimum speed for your WordPress site.



WordPress development is an extensive process and WordPress trends keep evolving. To stay ahead of your competition, your business needs to build WordPress sites that give you an edge with the latest design, better functionality, and optimum site speed. In this post, you have learned about the various areas wherein hiring a reputed WordPress development services company can turn out to be beneficial for your business.

You can surely hire an in-house specialist or build your in-house team. If you are a small or medium-sized company, building and maintaining an in-house team of WordPress design and development specialists can turn out to be a costly affair. Alternatively, you have the option to gain more value for your money by hiring a reputed WordPress development services company. Also, WordPress web development companies offer economical plans. You can choose a suitable plan to acquire the services of a team of specialists who can update your site with the latest trend as per your business goals. Think about it.

Need the support of WordPress development experts to build a customer-friendly website that helps your conversions? Look no further. Experts at Aarav Infotech can assist you with your WordPress site.

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