What is CDN ?


Nowadays famous sites and the majority of web traffic use CDN services. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It helps to deliver Inter content like images, videos, javascript files, style sheets, HTML pages, etc. This network uses servers that are geographically scattered in different locations to transport data very fast.

            CDN operators are paid by eCommerce and media companies to send their content to their end-users. Network operators, ISPs or Internet Service Providers, and carriers are provided by CDN operators to host servers in their data centers.

            The nearby servers provided by the CDN provide the desired content for the visitors in a small time. The load time also decreases. The faster a page loads the lesser will be the bounce rate of a website. The hardware failure and traffic management capacity of a CDN are better than the root server.


            Sometimes CDN can protect websites from hostile attacks like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). It also helps to solve some web hosting issues like a disturbance in service, high cost of hosting bandwidth, and security. It tries to cache content that can refine the performance of a website. The cost paid by website owners for bandwidth to host a website can be reduced with the help of CDN. 

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Jitendra Raulo

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