Systemized Website Maintenance Solution Breaking New Grounds In Digital World


Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, blockchain, and so on are some of the major technologies powering business websites in 2020. Technology keeps evolving and to stay relevant and operational, websites need upgrades and updates. Ignore the important website hygiene tasks and downtime knocks on your door. Depending on the nature of a business, downtime can translate to an increase in the number of lost site visitors, unhappy customers, missed business transactions, or other significant losses. Today, the health of a website can be managed through periodic tests and tweaking of web management functions as part of web maintenance. Following are some of the benefits of systemized website maintenance solution: 

  • An initiative to support digital transformation

During digital transformation, business owners have to look into several business risks and growth strategies other than website maintenance. Website-related issues such as server crashes, compatibility issues, SEO problems, error pages, etc. can cost time and money for business owners. To tackle the problem, organizations need the expertise to understand web code vulnerabilities, attack patterns, and other areas of securing their websites. Also, it won’t take time for a new website to become outdated if the necessary maintenance is not carried out on time. 

Outdated websites with outdated technology eventually become a threat to business operations too. Business leaders need a systematic approach to web maintenance for managing website-related risks. Also, many businesses are bound by a limited budget to hire dedicated professionals for maintaining websites. Aarav Infotech realized the gap in the market for structured web maintenance services and took the initiative of setting up a systemized website maintenance workflow for businesses. 

  • Thinking forward with systemized website maintenance

As India's first systemized web maintenance solution provider, Aarav Infotech empowers clients with a dedicated team that follows pre-defined processes and lends web maintenance through support management tools. For forward-thinking businesses, website maintenance activities can be streamlined with unlimited support requests through a well-built support ticket management system. 

Today, support requests can be accepted through multiple channels including a dedicated mobile app. For diligent businesses, keeping an eye on website maintenance activities is necessary. Web maintenance experts maintain transparency by sending detailed website maintenance reports each month. These reports enable clients to keep track of their website’s health. 

  • Maintenance comes with a professional team

Earlier, getting website support meant calling up the service company to schedule an engineer for fixing problems. Times have changed. Whether a business owns one website or multiple sites, a website maintenance expert ensures complete account management with thorough professionalism. Also, smart companies automate repetitive tasks for faster and more efficient delivery of annual web maintenance services. 

Every website is built on a platform that closely matches business needs. Therefore, an expert should have proficiency in web maintenance across platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, Magento, Joomla, OpenCart, CodeIgniter, HTML, and PrestaShop. To address the diverse issues of website owners, a web maintenance firm hires a multi-skilled team. The team generally consists of web developers, SEO specialists, content strategists, web security experts, and other support specialists. Other than regular monitoring and maintenance activities, web maintenance support involves assistance with periodic website updates. 

Finally, with cut-throat competition among businesses across industries, it is critical for a web maintenance solution provider to address tech issues promptly. The gravity of the issue deepens if the website involves business transactions or has high site traffic. With dedicated account management, TAT for tech support can be as low as 06-12 hours.  

  • Becoming the front runner in the digital arena

New technologies are intriguing. However, every new technology doesn’t benefit a business. Competitive web maintenance companies love to use innovative ideas. But the prudent ones make sure to share the relevant upgrades with clients who can benefit from them. We got our hands dirty by fixing broken site links for SEO to upgrading site security for complying with the latest regulatory requirements such as GDPR guidelines. Over the years, we have realized that keeping abreast of the latest web trends is the only way for companies to emerge as front runners in the digital arena.

Also, the problem resolution time is critical in the clutter of competitive online businesses. For instance, a site error during automated OTP-based site transactions for online users can prevent users from performing successful transactions. If the problem is not investigated and resolved on time, one failed transaction will snowball into numerous failed transactions. Each failed transaction impacts the profitability of a business. The hit is too hard if it is a website-dependent venture. 

  •  Aware business leaders take informed web security decisions

Close to $5.2trillion is the forecasted global value for businesses that will be at risk due to cyberattacks between 2019 and 2023. Here, business loss comes in the form of business disruption and information loss. One of the overlooked areas in the tech infrastructure of a business that’s likely to cause business disruption is website maintenance. A business operating in the BFSI sector will have a different site structure and maintenance approach compared to a retail commerce website. Also, the maintenance challenges become more complex as the scale of the website increases. To keep web security under check, systemized web maintenance consists of 45+ checks including security checks, functionality checks, performance checks, and more. 

For protecting online users from risky websites, a widely-used browser like Google Chrome warns users of security risks while visiting non-HTTPS sites. If the security certificates expire for a website, it is loaded with warning signs until someone from the company realizes the problem and gets it fixed. Annual maintenance plans by professional web maintenance service providers are available today to prevent such scenarios. The risk of virus attacks and hacker intrusions is managed by website security experts with SSL certificates and other preventive measures. In case of an intrusion, the issue is prioritized for prompt resolution by a professional web maintenance service provider. 

Review of systemized web maintenance at Aarav Infotech

Ellyn Fernandes, Manager, Kripa Electronics - The Professional Home Audio-Video distributor, speaks about her experience with Aarav Infotech, “I had been facing lots of problems on my website. It wasn't loading on time. Sometimes my website used to experience downtime due to server errors and because of that, I was losing my potential customers. I wasn't able to run updates regularly due to which my website looked outdated, bringing a bad user experience.

But Thank You So Much Mahendra Sir for providing me excellent maintenance service, and for being super budget-friendly. I get constant technical suggestions now. Aarav Infotech has not only made my website faster but also they have helped me by providing unlimited support."

Another testimonial by a client of Aarav Infotech goes like this: "Hi! My name is Deepak. I'm the Director of We run an eCommerce Store for baby care products. Initially, my website used to face downtime and loaded pages very slowly. Because of that, I was losing many customers. Sometimes the images were not getting loaded which was creating a bad impact on our brand image. As we don’t have in-house expertise, we were unable to manage it properly. And our website is in Magento 2 so it’s complex to manage. Then, I searched for a website maintenance agency and came across Aarav Infotech. They have not only made my website and images load faster but also, they are helping us with day-to-day technical and management support. They have a system to carry out support requests and monthly maintenance activities. And I even get nicely presented reports every month.

My website has improved. I'll always be grateful to you guys. Special Thanks to Mr. Mahendra and Team, because they provide lots of services and still, they are super at service, and best at budget. We are very happy with their services and recommend their maintenance program to all. Please join them to experience India's 1st systematic maintenance program's benefits. Thank you!" 

Into the future of emerging website challenges

Moving forward, the outburst of amazing web technologies will continue with a plethora of new challenges. Curiosity backed by common sense will allow businesses to make smart moves for maximum uptime and data security. Keeping the website's updates will be easier with the dedicated support of web maintenance firms that focus on technology adoption and upgrading skills for growth.

At Aarav Infotech, we envision a 50x customer base expansion rate by 2025. To reach our goals, we will continue to support clients with the right approach toward technology adoption for maintaining healthy websites. Upping our tech infrastructure with active participation in knowledge-sharing platforms in the web maintenance space is also on the cards.


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Key Takeaways

  • As technologies are evolving, websites need maintenance to stay relevant.
  • Professionals take care of all the processes of digital transformation within the budget of the owner of the website for web maintenance.
  • Website maintenance is done with the help of support management tools. A detailed report of the tasks done on your website by the web maintenance service provider is given to you.
  • A dedicated maintenance team works for the website to maintain it at regular intervals no matter what platform the website is based on.
  • Website maintenance makes your website compatible with the latest technologies.
  • Web security decisions are very important to save a business from huge losses.
Jitendra Raulo

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