How do SEO and SMO work together in 2019?

SEO and SMO work together in 2019

When it comes to organic growth in online marketing, social media marketing, and SEO services are needed to push your efforts with growth strategies. In 2019, the usage of mobile devices continues to grow. The key difference is now you need to focus on organic growth through SEO-friendly mobile pages and more. Let’s understand how you can benefit from marketing strategies that blend SEO and SMO to fulfill your marketing goals.

Why SEO works for businesses? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a method of acquiring traffic by improving search results page rankings using various techniques.

Why SEO works for businesses?

Create buzz through quality content to improve search rankings

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Search engine bots crawl your site or other sites for the relevant content as per the keywords keyed in by the search users. For SEO success, some of the tactics used by an SEO services company are:

  • Link Building – SEO analysts create authority links to your site so that search crawlers can find relevance in content related to your brand.
  • Content Creation – Quality content is created and distributed on relevant sites to build your online presence.
  • Technical SEO – Errors pages on your owned web pages are removed and changes are made to improve the user experience of your site. These changes not only help your customers to easily browse your site pages but also lead to better search rankings.

SEO and SEM are both parts of search marketing. However, your organic growth in search engines is the focus of SEO services. India’s economy is flourishing with several startups that are offering innovative services. To push the efforts of search marketing through paid ads, you can consider SEM. If you have the marketing budget, you can spend tactfully on SEM advertising which is also part of search marketing. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comprises different forms of paid advertising to gain prominence in search engines. Here, some of the key factors that determine your success are cost-per-click (CPC), Quality Score of ads, and click-through rates (CTR). To achieve success in SEM, Digital Media and SEO companies employ the following strategies:

  • Managing the advertising budget for search ads to get maximum results.
  • Using valuable content written by professional digital marketing writers to achieve the required quality score
  • Investing in the right SEM ad formats

How does SMO help businesses?

How does SMO help businesses?

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As per recent statistics, there are 3.484 billion active social media users around the world. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Based on your customer persona, your target audience may have their favorite social media platforms. If you are a youth brand, your target audience may be more active on Snapchat and Instagram. For B2B businesses, most of the target customers will be spending time on LinkedIn. Building your presence on relevant social platforms helps your organization to engage users, educate customers, improve sales and resolve customer issues.

Integrated marketing with SEO and SMO in 2019 As per Google, you can publish quality content on social media to influence your site’s rankings. Useful content on social media pages and other channels build your site's reputation too. Integrated marketing with SEO and SMO in 2019 Image source

Social Media Optimization leads to an increase in brand awareness, site traffic, and greater audience engagement. Through your social media pages, you can promote your brand using targeted messaging. Encourage conversations around your brand on social platforms on topics such as how to use your brand, DIY methods, etc. Useful topics with powerful headlines compel social media users to visit your site links given in your social media posts. Also, relevant and engaging content results in higher social shares. Sharing of your useful site pages on social media by users also leads to relevant backlinks. And relevant social signals can improve the relevance of web pages which in turn can impact your SEO efforts. Social Media pages also have social search results. Several users utilize these social searches to get information too. Also, your specific keywords in social media posts can make the content relevant for search engine crawlers. Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation can work together to get you the most out of your marketing budget. Full-service digital agencies offering SEO services help you with Social Media Optimisation too. Businesses that do not want to manage digital marketing in-house or do not find it feasible to build a dedicated digital marketing team in-house use the help of external agencies. Additionally, getting the SEO and SMO work done from the same agency can be beneficial for your organization. This way, the team handling your brand is aware of your brand’s online presence and can effectively suggest integrated marketing solutions. Your business will also find it cost-effective to work with a single agency that’s a one-stop shop for online marketing needs. If you are looking for a reliable SMO and SEO services agency, call 9699594142 or visit



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