What is Involved in Website Maintenance?

Involved in Website Maintenance


            Website maintenance is the process of examining whether your website is healthy or not. It makes sure whether your website is functioning well or not. The face of your company or business is represented by the website. Nowadays every company, no matter big or small, has a website. Having a website does not ensure its safety and optimization. You have to regularly do website maintenance to keep the content updated, the website safe to use, and enhance its performance. Aarav Infotech is the first systemized website maintenance company in India. It provides solutions to all maintenance-related problems for websites.

Tasks Involved in Website Maintenance

  • Software Update: WordPress websites are run by a software platform that keeps changing very frequently. To keep the website updated and productive these changes need to be updated regularly. Behind-the-scenes audits and diagnostic activities are also included in it. According to the need of the website, fixes and adjustments are made. The software update is not all about new plugins and themes it also involves security and performance updates. It is advisable to hire a professional to do this job because not all websites are compatible with the updates and the professionals know how to rectify it.

  • Website Security: Websites are susceptible to hackers and hostile web bots. The solution to this problem is a software update that will prevent these threats. If you appoint someone to do website maintenance they also provide security software that can protect your website from possible security breaches. Frequent security scans prevent such accidents and website maintenance deals with hacking instantly. If the hackers get access to your website they can put emails to your email list that look valid which in return can cause problems for any user who opens it. Google also blocks or warns users against such websites. WhiteHat Security believes that 56% of websites had more than one security issue among all the websites they have tested, whereas 86% of websites had at least one security issue. 
  • Website Backups: Changes and corruption are normal things for websites. What website maintenance does to tackle these issues is it stores the backups of your website. These backups include themes, plugins, files, media, and databases. Professional website maintenance companies keep regular backups that can be accessed from servers if you need to restore your website. This reduces downtime if something goes wrong because you can restore your recent update.

  • Uptime Monitoring: Website maintenance monitors how long your website stays online which is called uptime. If your site goes down that is a very bad impression on your visitors. The lesser the downtime of your website the better the speed and performance. Downtime can also be due to problems with your host or server. Maintenance companies deal with both problems specific to your website and also your server or host.
  • Speed Optimization: The speed of your website affects the conversion rate directly. 57% of visitors leave the websites if they take three seconds or more to load. During the research, found that a single-second improvement brought a 2% increase in the conversion rate. Increased loading time can be caused by large images or complex coding. Google also does not appreciate slow websites. It is necessary to find out where the problem is in your website to fix downtime. Experts can do it with ease.
  • Support Requests: Simple tweaks and support requests also come under website maintenance. The services incorporate service descriptions, page landings, the addition of blog posts or new pages, any textual or graphic changes, etc. This will also help you to give a trendy and professional look to your website regularly. This way your website won’t look outdated and attract more visitors.


           The issues you face with your website can be dealt with in a very small time by the professionals of our company, Aarav Infotech. We have a team of experts at Aarav Infotech who are trained specifically for website maintenance. Our services are up to the mark which is why we take pride in calling ourselves India’s only systemized website maintenance company. Visit us at our website You can also call us at +91 (022) 2859 4142 or +91 (022) 2850 9920 or mail us at

Key Takeaways

  • Website maintenance is an inevitable task to keep your website running and safe for a long time.
  • It updates software to keep your website up-to-date and compatible.
  • It promises the security of your website from threats like hackers and malicious bots.
  • It keeps regular backups of your website which can be restored from the server whenever there is an issue. You will not lose any data.
  • It monitors the uptime of your website and solves the issues responsible for downtime.
  • It enhances the loading speed of your website.

Any kind of support requests like textual or graphic changes also come under the services rendered by website maintenance.

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