How Voice Search Can Skyrocket Your E-commerce Sales in 2024


In 2024 “Voice Search” is not a new phenomenon at all, as it is becoming increasingly popular among online shoppers particularly those who extensively use voice search assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. According to a report by Juniper Research, voice-based ad revenue could reach $19 billion by 2022. In addition to this, e-commerce shopping via voice search is supposed to observe $40 billion in USA revenue in 2022 only.

Voice search is not only a faster, easier and highly convenient way of shopping, the system also can personalize the shopping experience, because voice assistants understand context, the intention and the preferences of the users. 




But, what strategies should be implemented if voice search is to become a significant factor in e-commerce sales by 2024? Here are the tips, guidelines and successful practices that you can use to achieve for voice search the best results and leave your competitors behind.


Advantages of voice search E-commerce SEO: Swift and Simple

Faster Response to Customer Queries:

Besides the aspect that it is more simple than typing, Voice search contributes to dramatically cut down the time of search by the users.  It is a feature that provides faster and prompt responses for any of the customer’s questions or shows any e-commerce product customers are looking for. According to one research, voice searching is faster by 3.7 times than your average typing speed. Therefore, it is a better feature that makes both searching and display of results much faster than manually typing each letter on mobile or desktop.

Typing becomes tiresome when a lot of work needs to be done in a limited time. For instance, if you are making a shopping list for the next big purchase of yours on a black Friday sale day, speaking the items of your list out using an voice assistant like Siri would be far quicker and more handy than manually typing them all while creating your shopping list. In same way, Voice search assisted Ecommerce SEO tactics makes it possible for your customers to buy things more quickly and easily.

Beneficial for Local and Ecommerce SEO:

Most of the local businesses now-a-days are fully aware of the benefits of local and e-commerce SEO services which accurately target local shoppers. Local voice search optimization can be done to target specific locations you provide your services in. You can also align your business with your marketing strategy by using voice searches matching your target keywords. It is a fact that the majority of mobile voice search users look for local products or services using location keywords like “near me”.

By implementing this localized voice search feature and aligned e-commerce seo marketing strategy, your business will achieve next level leaving behind your unaware competitors.



No Hands Needed:

You may search the internet on-the-go and If you are driving then voice search techniques are quite useful as you do not have to wait until you get to your location to make purchases. This touchless aspect provides shoppers an additional comfort level when compared to traditional internet search alternatives.

You may easily place orders while driving without even using your hands. Therefore, Voice search is undoubtedly more convenient, particularly when individuals are preoccupied with other tasks and cannot fully use their hands by allowing them to multitask.


1. Use natural language and long-tail keywords

One of the main differences between voice search and text search is that voice search is more conversational and natural. People tend to use longer and more specific queries when they use voice search, such as “where can I buy a 42 inch LED TV near me” instead of “42 inch LED TV”.

Therefore, you need to use natural language and long-tail keywords while crafting your e-commerce SEO strategies for website content, page headings and sub-headings, product headline, product descriptions and meta tags. You can use some nice tools like AnswerThePublic or Google Keyword Planner to find out what kind of “questions” or “phrases” your target audience is actually using to find your products and services.

Extra Tip: Furthermore, it is advisable that you use the schema markup to feed the search engines with structured data such as product names, prices, availability, ratings, and reviews. This will provide your website with the ability to rank high not only for various voice search queries but to display rich snippets feature in the Google search results for each products and services you offer.

2. Optimize for local and mobile searches

A key difference between the voice search and text search, due to the fact that by nature the searches performed with voice are more local and mobile, considering that mobile users usually say “near me” for their searches. As per Google, 58% of customers in US have already used voice search to look up Local business information in last year alone. Moreover, 27% of the global online population is using voice search on their mobile phones.




Therefore, you should enhance and optimize your e-commerce website for both local and mobile searches through correct and suitable ecommerce SEO strategies. You can do this by:

  • The first important step is, claiming or updating(if already claimed) your Google My Business listing if you have not done so, which will help you show up in both the Google local pack and Google Maps for voice search queries above other searches.
  • Utilize location-specific commonly used keywords and expressions by local community like “near me”, “in [your city]”, or “near [your landmark/monument]” in your website content. Make sure that they not only have an informational role in the body of your website but also in the meta tags. Thus, the site will have a higher ranking in local SEO.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly and responsive, which will improve the mobile user experience and loading speed for mobile device users thus boosting mobile user rates.
  • Installing HTTPS (SSL certificates) to your website which will help create a more secure and trusted environment for mobile browsers. This is also a strong indicator to Google bot that your site is secure and dependable.

3. Create voice search-friendly content

Another key move to boost your ecommerce site for voice search is to make content that is optimized for voice search as an integral component of your common ecommerce SEO tactics. This is nothing but creating content such as FAQs that answers the common questions and pain points of your potential customers (be mindful of your local market sentiments), and provide them with correct and valuable information and bespoke solutions.

You can create voice search-friendly content by:

  • Constructing an FAQ page or any other section in your website, where brief and simple answers to all the frequently asked questions and popular questions will be given and therefore any customer who might be looking for your products and services will get a quick solution.
  • Publish articles on your blogs such as how-to manuals, informative tutorials, recent case studies and other creativities that will showcase your well-understood knowledge and maturity seen in your profession and make sure that the tips and advice you write about are helpful to your targeted audience following E-E-A-T guidelines.
  • Using a natural conversational tone and voice, which can make your content seem more natural, engaging and relatable for voice search users. Be mindful of the local language of your customers.
  • Using short sentences and paragraphs, which can make your content easier to read and understand for voice search users. Always try to use humanized content.

4. Test and measure your voice search performance

The final tip to maximize the efficacy of your voice optimized e-commerce site is to keep tracking, testing, measuring, and applying your insights to the areas where you find room for improvement.  You need to track and analyze how your website or a particular page is performing for voice search queries, and what kind of results and feedback you are getting from voice search users for that.

As part of your ecommerce SEO strategy, you should test and measure your voice search performance by:

  • Using tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics (both are free tools provided by Google), which can help you monitor your voice search traffic, impressions, clicks, and subsequent conversions.
  • Using third-party software tools like SEMrush or Moz is a brilliant way to audit your voice search optimization strategy. It will as well make it possible for you to detect any content gaps and structural problems; if there are any.
  • Receiving precise feedback directly from people who voice search you, which can allow you to see what they are looking for, where their expectations are and customer's satisfaction.

Testing your voice search parameters will help you measure what works efficiently and what may need tweaking and modifications, and accordingly adjust your website e-commerce SEO strategy.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is voice search important for e-commerce in 2024?

As these voice-assisted devices rapidly evolve and more and more customers look up products online, voice search has become essential for e-commerce businesses in the year 2024, as it offers to consumers speed, convenience, and other benefits that they consider to be very important in their everyday lives. With smartphones becoming the most commonly used devices, there is no surprise that more and more people rely on voice search assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc. E-commerce companies should try to enhance their online visibility to the demand of the rising numbers of those using voice search.


How does voice search impact the shopping experience?   

Voice search gives quicker responses to customer search queries and this also offers a customized and perfect interaction environment. Consumers easily discover products and services on the local or nearby storefront, make a purchase as fast as possible and hence become happier and enjoy their shopping experience.

What are the benefits of leveraging voice search for e-commerce SEO?   

There are multiple benefits of optimizing your e-commerce website for voice search, including faster answers, better local SEO, and better accessibility for people who are on move. Via the synchronization of your SEO tactics with the voice search trends, you can boost your chances of being seen online, gaining new leads and staying ahead of competition.

How can businesses adapt their SEO strategies for voice search?   

Businesses can adapt their search engine optimisation (SEO) for voice searches in a number of ways: by using natural human-speaking language, by focusing on long-tail keywords, by optimising for both local and mobile searches, by creating voice search-friendly content, and by constantly testing and observing the outcome.These measures therefore keep your site visible and relevant to the emerging trend of voice search.

What role does content creation play in voice search optimisation?   

Content development stands out prominently among all voice search optimization techniques as it help the companies to give highly relevant information to people along with the voice assisted solution to their queries. Small shops can create FAQ pages, blog posts, and tutorials as a way of answering customer questions and be regarded as experts in their niche. Hence, result in the increase of organic traffic and conversions.

How can businesses measure the effectiveness of their voice search optimisation efforts?   

Enterprises can often estimate the effectiveness of their voice search optimisation strategy with free tools from Google like Google Search Console, Google Analytics (likewise they may use some other third-party SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools. Analyzing the key metrics like traffic, impressions, and conversions allows obtaining assessment of the SEO campaign performance and also help in further customizing the strategies and ultimately improve SEO outcomes by making data-driven decisions.


In the year 2024, the phenomenon of Voice search will no longer be a fad, but a fully integrated aspect of daily life. It is so popular that already it has changed the way people shop and browse for products online, and it will keep going ahead. In order to be ready for the next year and to see your e-commerce sales rise, it is crucial to keep your e-commerce website up to date and optimized for voice search.

By following the tips and best practices mentioned above, you will be able to transform your e-commerce website to be voice search friendly and eventually enable you to offer your customers a great buying experience to convert them into returning customers.

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