How to Enhance the Loading Speed of a Website by Perfect Optimization

How to Enhance the Loading Speed of a Website by Perfect Optimization

Imagine you are accessing a link that takes you to the desired website. You wait and wait and the website takes a long time to be loaded. You first blame the internet for its low speed and as being the reason for the delay in loading of the web page. Then, you try to check out the current speed of the internet and realize that it is working just fine. So, now you know that it is the website that is at fault. You are frustrated to see the poor performance of the website you wished to visit. However, this is your story. Such dissatisfaction with other website visitors creates large problems for the website owners. They have lesser visitors and hence, in turn, fail at building up their identity in the visitors' minds. In short, this slow loading speed of the website takes a toll on the company image and hence the visitors. There has to be a solution to circumvent this problem.

The web design team responsible for making the website needs to take care of this. Also, these performance issues must be tested properly by the quality assurance team to reduce such incidences of low loading speeds. To overcome these performance issues, the company involved in the development of the website needs to optimize it. Herein, optimization means improving or writing the code for developing the website in a better way.

Some of the important points to remember while optimizing a website are as follows :

1) Reduce the number of HTTP requests by using CSS or by reducing the number of components each page has

2) Try and reduce the server response time.

3) Do not disable browser caching.

4) Optimize the images based on their size and format The pointers given above are really easy fixes that can help build a website that is not only functionally efficient but is also capable of being loaded quickly.

Jitendra Raulo

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