Change the Direction with Web Design for 2016

Change the Direction with Web Design for 2016

Design, pattern, color scheme, and many other factors make or break the popularity and appeal of a web page. Whether it’s a new or redesigned one these dominant factors rule the roost but what keeps changing is the trend. The New Year should usher in its tide with a fresh approach to make the world of web designing more exciting. Last year’s trends remain and most of what will be constructed in Web Design 2016 will revolve around responsive designs and a better mobile experience. Read on for the possible trends of the New Year.

Scrolling and long pages: Long pages that need to be scrolled are in because on smartphones and tablets scrolling is easier than tapping. It saves tedious time while you are traveling or working. The card design which is used nowadays can perk up the mobile experience and make it easy to list similar information together.

Responsive design: This trend was well on its way since 2015 with the rise in the number of mobile and tablet users. But according to surveys nearly 43 percent of websites still need to be mobile-friendly. The beauty of responsive designs is better navigation on any platform with minimal resizing and scrolling. Business owners have become more aware of the widespread need for responsive designs and the benefits it brings. So, the chances of more responsive websites are better in 2016.

Flat designs: Following in the footsteps of Android and iPhone flat designs made their way into web designing and have become quite popular. Everything from icons, banners, and even web pages is becoming flat. The focus is on white spaces so most designs are being stripped of glows, shadows, and Photoshop filters. Simple typography is used with bold colors to increase readability.

Interactive storytelling: This method is great for converting viewers into customers and is great for Search Engine Optimization SEO. Storytelling is appreciated by all and draws kudos from most viewers.

Video backgrounds: Interesting videos can get across any message with the least effort. They not only make the website more popular with people spending more time on it but also help in improving the rankings. Display videos that come with icons and headlines and are full-page set the page apart from the competitors. They are more communicative and tell different stories.

These trends and more will enliven the web design service scenario but what is most important is the target audience. Every website has a different set of viewers with different understandings and tastes so it is important to cater to it for increasing popularity. It also helps in carving a particular style and originality that makes the website unique.

Jitendra Raulo

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