5 Advanced Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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5 Advanced ways

Are you worried about people leaving your website without buying? Have you tabulated the shopping cart abandonment rate? Most online retailers experience cart abandonment that is people leaving website without completing the purchase. Well, just like in an offline business, you are bound to have some consumers leave without making a purchase; similarly people may leave your website without completing that vital, final step. And every time a customer abandons his cart, you are losing revenue…Therefore; you must measure and take essential steps to reduce this rate.
Well, If you cart abandonment is within 3%, you have what can be called as a “near perfect eCommerce website. But if your cart abandonment rate is 10% more, you should take active steps to curtail this rate.

Here are 5 vital steps your ecommerce development company should provide to help you reduce shopping cart abandonment rate:

1 : Store’s Security and Privacy : The number concern for an online buyer is that of security owing to a vast number of online frauds being perpetrated by scammers. Therefore, if you assure your visitors that your website is secured and their interests are safeguarded, definitely, you’ll be able to motivate your visitors to take the final step. So, the first step is to ensure your store’s security with SSL encryption. Displaying a badge to this effect will ease off their concern.

2 : Showcase Stock Availability : In many cases, the customers go through the entire process of selecting the goods and when it comes to adding it to the cart, the website displays “Out of Stock” sign. Now, this can be very frustrating. It will shoo away the customers and create a bad impression in their minds. Showing that the stock of particular item is available will let customers know in advance and save their time.

3 : Display Shipping Fees Well Before Checkout : Don’t keep your customers in the dark till the last moment. Let them know how much they will need to shell out on shipping fees when they add to the cart. This will build trust.

4 : Create urgency : If the buyers feel that they will get the best deal only if they complete the purchase now, or if there is only limited stock or offer for a limited period, the buyers are more likely to make a purchase now. So, create urgency by adding tags such as:

1 : Last 10 pieces

2 : Offer ends in next 2 days

3 : Extra discount for the first 10 customers

5 : Make the Checkout Process Easy : Complicated, long winding check out process will put off your visitors and make them lose their patience and leave abruptly. So, refrain from asking unnecessary, irrelevant information. Asking your ecommerce website development provider for too much of information will also raise doubts in the mind of your visitors. Keep it crisp, sweet and short to retain your shoppers.

These 5 steps will go a long way in reducing your shopping cart abandonment rate. Ask your eCommerce development service provider to implement these and you’ll witness increased revenue and loyal customers!


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