SEO Case Study For Caltech India

SEO Case Study for Caltech India
Business Goal
  • Acquire competitive rankings in targeted, relevant markets.
  • Increase brand awareness in a fragmented and competitive landscape.
  • Increase campaign efficiency while growing overall campaign results.

When the website was first developed, it was not SEO friendly due to which there was no internet visibility. The site also lacked search engine-friendly navigation, which made it hard for search engine spiders to find the internal pages.

  • We started by identifying keywords and assigning the keywords to specific pages in the site.
  • We added new category pages to the websites to target keywords like purchase Bresle Test Kit now, Caltech Shore Hardness Tester, Caltech India Colorimeter, etc.
  • The titles and descriptions of all the pages were written as per keywords researched and relevance to the page being optimized.
  • The greatest help came from our link-building team - adding high-quality inbound links every month.
  • Before our SEO services, the website wasn't ranked for the most popular keywords so new potential customers weren't exposed to this company. 
  • We started seeing the first page results after a month had passed since we uploaded the website. They have also achieved top rankings for keywords such as Caltech India Colorimeter, Buy Pinhole Detector, purchase Bresle Test Kit now, etc.
  • The client is very happy with the results. They have seen a boost in traffic to the site as well as sales.
# Keyword Position Ranked On Search Engine
1 Buy Pinhole Detector 3 1st Page
2 Barcol Impressor Hardness Tester Manufacturer 4 1st Page
3 Buy Dupont Impact Tester 4 1st Page
4 buy Hegman Gauge 5 1st Page
5 Buy jeep meter 3 1st Page
6 Buy Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator 5 1st Page
7 Buy Polarization Cell 3 1st Page
8 Caltech India Colorimeter 1 1st Page
9 Caltech Shore Hardness Tester 1 1st Page
10 Caltech spectrophotometer 2 1st Page
11 cathodic disbonding tester manufacturers 2 1st Page
12 Four Point Bent Test NACE Lab 1 1st Page
13 Gloss Meter Suppliers 10 1st Page
14 HIC Test manufacturers 1 1st Page
15 purchase Bresle Test Kit now 1 1st Page
16 Rapid Chloride Penetration Test Apparatus Manufacturers 3 1st Page

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