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 Google Penalty Recovery Service

Just when you thought that things were fine with high rankings in search engines, suddenly there was a drop in rankings on Google. Don't worry, chances are your website was penalized by Google. The search engines work on the basis of algorithms with certain rules and guidelines to ensure that only high-quality and relevant results are placed on top. These algorithms are updated at various intervals. Only an SEO company that provides Google Penalty Recovery service can identify and help you save your website rankings, thereby taking it back to a better position.


The World Wide Web is a huge ecosystem with a lot of websites vying for the covetous position on the first page of search engine results. Sometimes, intentional or unintentional SEO activities can lead to breaking the rules set by the search engines. These activities can put your website in bad light for the search engine bots that are constantly filtering good and bad websites. Any website that fails to follow the guidelines and rules is penalized. An experienced SEO company can help you improvise your website rankings and save yourself from getting penalized. In case, you are already penalized by search engines, the SEO specialist of a Google Penalty Recovery Company can help you identify the factors that led to penalty and then take the necessary counter measures to initiate the recovery process.


To enhance user experience, Google changes its algorithms at regular intervals and websites that were once prepared as per the existing algorithm are affected with the thought process of the new algorithm. Google Penalty work is the responsibility of expert SEO specialists who keep track of the new updates by Google and make the necessary changes to sustain the rankings of the website. This ensures that SEO performance is consistent and you continue to get the best out of SEO efforts.

How to find out whether Google has penalized your website or not?

  • Your organic rankings have dropped for keywords targeted by you
  • Organic search traffic or leads is not as picking up
  • Your website is absent on Google "site:"
  • Google Webmaster Tools sends you a warning message regarding unnatural links
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Google Penalized You! What next?

If you have lost your organic traffic or receive warnings from Google regarding your website, it is time to look at your SEO activities till date. If at some point in time, your SEO efforts had involved a lot of link building activities, chances are that they are not working at present. With every new algorithm, Google filters the websites that are actually useful to users and that were created just to increase the links of your website. So, the bottom-line is what worked earlier for you is badly affecting the rankings of your online business now.


Time to give attention to your penalized online presence because it's not just your visibility that is affected but also your revenue from online sales or conversions.


We are a Google Penalty Recovery company with the right people to help you with your penalty concerns. With manual removal of all the links that are affecting your online presence, we ensure that your website is back on the search pages with better rankings.

What are Google Penalties?

Your site gets affected by various kinds of penalties by Google. Google uses Panda and Penguin algorithms to provide quality search engine results to its users.


SEO Specialists use targeted keywords to improve website ranking. Panda algorithm filters websites based on the quality and relevance of the website for the users who seek information related to the targeted keywords. The Penguin algorithm checks the web pages that carry links directing to your website and can be considered as quality information for people keying in your targeted keywords.


For example, your target keyword is 'chocolate : powder' then Panda algorithm will not show your website for 'chemical supplies' because the keyword won't be relevant to a user searching for 'chemical supplies'. Similarly, using Panda algorithm Google will rank you higher if your website is listed on the 'Chocolate Powder Suppliers List' page which is relevant to the keyword 'Chocolate Powder'

How did the penalty happen?

Most of the time, poor SEO efforts with tall claims by SEO companies lead to unwanted or inappropriate link building activities. Black Hat techniques like these are used by certain companies which if spotted by Google can lead to penalties. These kind of efforts just bring short term results and badly affect the online presence of website in the long term.

If you had suffered from such bad SEO efforts, we can help you save your reputations with Google Penalty Recovery services. Don't worry, we are a good company using white hat techniques to help you build and strengthen your online presence with a long term impact.

Why you should consider Google Penalty Recovery?

If you have second thoughts about the Google Penalty Recovery service, don't think twice. We have a process that may time to show results but it will improve your rankings and will leave positive impact in the long run. Think about why you should be going for this service. You started a business to take it to next level every time there is an opportunity. Would you prefer a choice that will give you business now and no results later or go for a better option that will give continue to give results.

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If it wasn't important, we wouldn't suggest it. Google Penalty Recovery is undoubtedly important for your online business and positive online presence.

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We can make a difference as full-service Digital Marketing Agency with SEO experts who understand how important every action can create a positive or negative impact. We have gained our clients' confidence by successfully initiating SEO campaigns and helping their online image with Google Penalty Recovery services.


Google is the leading search engine and if you are not seen on Google then your business is close to invisible online.

Google Panda Penalty Recovery

If you have irrelevant or duplicate content on your website then you are most likely to be penalized. You should have sufficient relevant information with good descriptions on your website for Panda to place you in search rankings.

We conduct recovery starting with keyword research and then creating web pages where keyword stuffing is not the priority but quality and useful content for users is more important. These pages are the ones that Google Panda will want to rank higher.


Our Panda Penalty Recovery Process

  • Remove Duplicate Content
  • Perform Thorough Keyword Research
  • Generate Quality Content
  • Optimize Each Page Effectively

Google Penguin Penalty Recovery

Compared to Panda Penalty Recovery, Penguin Penalty Recovery is more difficult because it involves web pages carrying your website links but owned by other hosts. IF you had a poor-quality SEO service provider earlier, then they may have created some bad links to purposely boost your website. These links once found by the Panda algorithm can considerably devalue your website and lower your search engine rankings.

How we perform Google Penguin Penalty Recovery?

  • Gathering a list of all the links that point to your site
  • Get the bad links removed from their hosts
  • Disavow the links with Google for search rankings
  • Create a plan to build enough valuable links online

We discuss with clients and gather all the links that are available online related to PR materials, social media mentions, expert articles and more. This helps us to gather maximum links pointing to your website from authentic sources. We don't believe in promising extraordinary rankings but we believe in giving the assurance of great efforts to get the highest search rankings using the appropriate approach.

If you’ve been hit with a penalty, or just don’t know why your traffic has dropped recently, Contact Us Today. We’ll get to the bottom of why you’re having the issues, and help you create a plan to recover from your search engine penalty.

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